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Memorial University of Newfoundland

Discussion in 'International Students' started by sarabanll_93, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Hello, my GPA in undergraduate studies is 3.19 out 4. I have applied to the Memorial University of Newfoundland. My IELTS is 7.5, I have strong letters from my profs, and I have a supervisor (I applied for a Masters in Electrical Engineering) Do I have a chance of being enrolled?

    What is the acceptance rate there? Also, I am from Jordan. In case I am admitted, can I get Permit Study easily?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi ,

    I have applied for Masters of Applied Science in Computer Engineering,Fall 2019 intake,

    I applied on October 15,2018. I am still getting Complete Ready For Review status on my application,

    what about you?
  3. Yes, you can.
  4. Which university?
  5. Memorial University
  6. for universities , after applying the application , what are stages will be there for universities , can be please explained .
  7. Well, they said one to months after the deadline.
  8. Same here dude. I applied for Masters in Electrical Engineering with GPA of 8.19/10.0. They mention 1-2 months from deadline date. Have to wait till end of January I guess. In case results don't come by then, we can always mail and ask them.
  9. I am from India by the way
  10. You have contacted a supervisor and they agreed to guide you? In which field?
  11. any updation on this universities ....
  12. No update yet
  13. Yesterday I have checked my status , still it is showing " Ready For Review " only .
    What is your option , up to what date I have to wait , what is the realistic chances

    Your offer for Memorial , up to what date ( last date for application fees to be paid ) ?
  14. My status is alsa same. I will wait until end of the month. By then, 2 months would have passed from deadline date. Then I intend to contact department directly. I know they are processing the applications because my friend got rejected 3 weeks back. So, will wait till 30th Jan.
  15. I Received my result on January 10,2019

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