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Medical Surveillance Super Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by calgary17, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,

    My mom & dad landed in Canada yesterday. For my mom, when she got the visa she got medical surveillance IMM 0535 from the embassy for inactive TB. They had 2 copies of that form with them yesterday, but as didn´t know english, the immigartion officer didn´t even ask for these forms and didn´t fill out the part that says "to be completed by secondary examination officer at port of entry. So i don´t know what should we do now. as well as, their passports didn´t get stamped (which i´ve heard is common these days, as they just scan it). I tried to call CIC & Cbsa both to get more info on the matter, but there is no way to talk to an agent.
    Please if you have some idea about this matter, i´ll appreciate your help. Should i just contact the public health services to make an appointment for my mom. Any idea how much they would charge for all this since my mom is a visitor here.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. any update?
  3. Actually I didn't get any information from CIC. Then i just called the TB centre in Calgary. They made an appointment for my mom. She just gor her Chest X-ray done. And the doctor told that it's quite similar to her previous x-rays (doctor had the access to see her medical exam's reports that she got done before her visa application). Also the doctor took 2 sputm samples, she told me they will call us if there is something wrong, otherwise it's all good.
  4. Thanks for your posting! Do you need to come to port again for fininshing the section B part"to be examined at the port of entry"? I called the health authority, they said they will call me later,but no clue for the section B part...
  5. Thanks for your posting! Do you need to come to port again for fininshing the section B part"to be examined at the port of entry"? I called the health authority, they said they will call me later,but no clue for the section B part...
  7. No, I have no idea about that. I think they were supposed to do it at the port of entry when they arrived but they didn’t do it. So i think our responsibility was only to inform and follow the instructions from the health authorities. Let me know if you get to know anything more.
  8. Here is what I did, you could reference--I drove to the SK-US border, ask the officer please stamp the form.(I explained I just found this form in my visa package). At first, the officer had no idea about that, but after he examined something, then he let me come to the US and come back, according to some regulations. Then, the officer upgraded my new address and phone number, and finally stamp on it!!

    After 1 day, CIC Public Health Liaison Unit contact me, let me upgrade my new address and phone number agin. Additionally, they said,"As a reminder, medical surveillance is a condition of your residence in Canada. Once you have started medical surveillance, you must provide a proof to our office at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This will allow us to update your immigration file and demonstrate that you have met this condition. To assist you, you can ask the public health office where you were referred to, to send us this information on your behalf."

    Then I phoned local health authority about my name, UCI etc. The local health authority person said they will contact me later.

    I hope this could help you

    Best regards
  9. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Actually my mom is here on super visa and is here only until October. I took her to the Alberta TB centre, which was provided on the TB surveillance handout. The doctor did her tests and I asked her if they will be sending all this to Immigration, and she said yes. They asked her Canadian address but at the port of entry no one asked her the address.
    So I don’t know if i should really go to a border.
  10. Hi! I just want to ask if you paid for the cost of your mom’s x-ray and sputum tests from Alberta TB center? If yes, may I ask how much? Or is it not covered by their supervisa insurance? My parents are in the same boat. I’d really appreciate your response!
  11. Hi,

    I just had to pay for her x-ray ($40). They asked us to go to a nearest x-ray Clinic, then doctor checked the x-rays and she said the images are same as her previous x-rays. But still she asked to do sputum, my mom gave 2-3 sputum samples.
    In all this i just paid for x rays ($40). And no, they did not ask for any insurance.
    Even i was wondering why it was covered by them.
  12. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    My mother got medical surveillance undertaking form and she is coming in march, 2019. Medical test doctor (CIC approved) didn't provide any documents, x-ray or report to her. can she get it from doctor on request or it would be fine.
    Please, i don't want to spend more money on medical which is already done in india.
  13. She just needs medical surveillance form. She has to photocopy it and show it at the airport when she enters. The officer is supposed to keep one copy for immigration and will give the second copy to your mom.
    Then you can call the TB centre in your province, they will book an appointment for your mom (you don’t have to pay for it, you will just pay for the x-rays..which should be aprox $40-50), and then the doctor will have the access to your mom’s file, all the test she did in India with panel physcian. Then the doctor will check everything and let you know if anything else is requires, Usually they do sputum test (you don’t pay for that either), and if everything is normal they will send everythi g to Immigration and it shows that you fulfilled the requirement of medical surveillance. Just in case there is anything wrong with the tests or any signs of active TB, they will do some treatment. But usually if there is something wrong then the doctor from India won’t pass her medicals without a proper treatment.
    So don’t worry and just follow the instructions. I kno its frustrating but we have to do it to make sure there are no future consequences on their visit.
    I hope that helps.
  14. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Thank you so much. My parent has spent a lot of money on sputum and other medical test in india. They got the passport request for super visa but i want to call them in last of march, 2019. it is very hard to live them in winter in Toronto. I think, CIC would not have any problem, if they come after six month.
    Thanks again.
  15. There won’t be any problem. My parents got their visas last year Sept-Oct. and they came this year in June (7-8 months later)

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