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Medical Passed (December 2016) - PR (MPNP)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by jats, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Hi
    I 've received mail on 10 Oct 2017 that my app is received in Delhi embassy but ive not received any msg from embassy yet.
    How long it may take to proceed my app. My status in CIC site is in process.
    If any body can help plz
  2. hi everyone,
    my medical had passed on 5 october 2018 ..waiting for DM ..plz help me to know how many days should i wait to get good news.
    me checkimg through ECAS ..what other information shown in /ecas?

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  3. Do you mean you received AOR? Did include your UCI and application number? If you already received it, sometimes it takes a few weeks to update online. The medical request may take between 6-8 months if you're an outland paper-based applicant.
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  4. From what I've heard among provincial nominees, it takes between one and six weeks to get the medical passed, depending on your doctor and the visa office.
  5. Tnx
    MR on 03.10.18
    MP 11.10.18
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  6. Congrats!

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