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Medical inadmissibility rules changes

Discussion in 'Health' started by Outworld, May 4, 2018.

  1. Hi, actually we all have the same question (and necessity to calm our nerves). but in my opinion (and based on the news that other members shared in this thread), new rules are in effective. Although each case is different, i suggest you to apply and get in to the process as soon as possible.
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  2. Also, I have some good news about my own case.

    On May 15 (yesterday), my medicals have been changed to "we are reviewing your medical exam results". It was a very uncommon status so I was pretty worried that they are going to refuse me or will ask additional tests etc.

    ~20 min ago, I received an email from my panel physician. He kindly shared the email response that IRCC sent him about a correction in my file (in medical history, one of the dates were wrong and he emailed them to correct it on May 5). They simply said that they attached a note to my case and the medical officer will be informed about the correction.

    Right after that email, I logged into my account and saw one of the most beautiful status updates "You passed medical exam." :):):)

    So, at least we know that they didn't consider an applicant who is suggested to have a surgery as inadmissible.

    I hope everyone will pass their medicals quickly.

    And also, while I was getting prepared to have some bad news earlier; I found this link; https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/standard-requirements/medical-requirements.html

    Each subtitle leads to very detailed information especially for TB and HIV+ cases (there are also examples of court cases, doctor & medical officer manuals about how to interpret the medical exam results etc). I am sure that everyone can find couple of answers in this link.

    All the best and luck to everyone ;)
    Don't forget to update this thread.
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  3. Letgotocan and Outworld: I have just asked them via tweeter and they re-confirm that all file being processed will be treated under new rules. My question is straight and go to the point since I ask them in case my ME done last week.

    You also can be aware of this, if we get fairness letter, we still have 2 more months for submitting mitigation or other kind of responding. And they will review again in next 2 months (counted at least at the time they primarily assess you case- not now). And obviously, our cases fall to the time of effectiveness.

    Therefore with EE and even other streams, I strongly believe and agree that, do ME as soon as possible since many people with health problem (who have not dared to apply before) will do the same. And sooner or later, they will adjust new policy to bar this tendency for example reduce threshold to twice of the current!

    Snatch this opportunity and good luck, my friends

    Oh, sbdiuo: great congratulation !
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  4. @sbdiuo @Javeline Thanks a lot for your responses. Feeling a bit optimistic. Let me go ahead with things without waiting.
    @sbdiuo Hearty Congrats! Wish you all the very best for the rest of the process!
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  5. @sbdiuo - Congratulations on clearing the Medical exam. Wish you all the best for your rest of the PR processing.
    and thanks everyone for your sharings in this thread
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  6. Hello all friends,

    I want to share my story, and hope anyone can give me some advice. Thanks a lot.

    I applied for Provincial nominees, but not EE in Alberta. I have done my medical exam on March 29, and I was found HIV positive in this ME. X-ray and urinalysis shows good, and I do not have TB, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis.

    The panel physician helped me contact the specialist doctor, and I met the specialist on April 11 and 24, then I started my medications. The specialist sent all documents back to the panel physician, and the panel physician submitted my ME result on May 3. I will go back to see the specialist after 1-month medications that is on June 6.

    I also noticed that the new medical policy (a rope of hope) was announced on April 16, the specialist doctor told me that if the new policy is implemented, the medications, treatments, blood works etc. can be under $19965 per year in Alberta. The specialist can also help me write a letter to IRCC if necessary. Therefore, my questions are:

    1. Can all medications, treatments etc. be under $19965? If all costs are under $19965 or under $99825 for 5 years, then I can pass the medical exam without getting a fairness letter? Maybe this question is silly, but I am newly diagnosed and have no idea about those costs.
    2. Some friends said that all files will be treated under new rules, so will my case also be reviewed under new rules even the policy has not implemented yet?
    3. Will IRCC review my case based on my current medical results (results from panel physician and the specialist), or they will ask the specialist to provide more medical information, for example, the results on June 6?
    4. I have no idea what documents or papers I need to prepare for further process? Because my immigration agent said just wait for the decision from IRCC, they will help me reply if get a fairness letter.

    Even thought I am positively in medications, I am still worried about the immigration.
    Hope someone can help me, and wish you all the best.
  7. @SebL : If I am correct, then your situation must be:
    - not a danger to public health in canada ----> your virus load must be undtectable, the chance you transmit virus is minimized.
    - not cause excessive demand in treatment in Canada ---> medication cost must be under 19.950 CAD/year. You can check the cost by comparing medicine in your medication with Alberta formularly price.

    From my understanding, you have just discovered your problem, then it takes time to treat in order to get your virus depressed. Then of course CIC will ask you to do blood check some more times

    Hope this help!
  8. Happy to inform you that I have passed medical exam!
  9. @Javeline - Amazing, you cleared IME in a week, that's quick :)
    Wish you all the best with further proceedings of your PR application.

    By the way when was your AOR ?
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    Last edited: May 18, 2018
    My application is paper based and my AoR 12/4, my File transfer is 12/5/2017!

    My ECAS changed to “medical received”.
    So my case finished in Medical check. And I would like to tell my story for encouraging those who have same situation as mine.

    Best wishes to you all! Wish all of you get success in your PR application!
  11. @Javeline
    Thanks for your contribution and congratulations to you. I will do blood works next week and see how the CD4 and viral load is. Hope medications work well in the first month.
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  12. Hi
    Posting here as couldn’t find proper thread.
    I have Beta thalassemia trait with no medical history, i am not sure if my medical will get approved or they will ask me to go for further test or probably any explanation.
    would really appreciate if someone cn help me with that.
    Thanks in advance
  13. Would all depend on your blood levels and your potential need for treatment in the future.
  14. i came across it last year, and my doctor said no medication or intermediation required. As my blood level is normal, had done bone marrow as well and its fine.
  15. Then your chances are good.
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