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Medical Form IMM 10117 and new medical procedures

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by anyathamm, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Looking for some help as I have gotten so much inconsistent information on this topic online and also from the CIC call centres which is a bit frustrating...

    I am a German citizen living in Canada applying for Canadian permanent residency through the family class as a common law partner, applying to the CIC office in Vienna. I have not yet sent in my application but am almost ready to, but I am having trouble with my Medical Examination papers. I did my Medical Examination one month ago, the physician told me he does not have to give me any papers and I can send my CIC application in with just the receipt for my examination. Apparently there were changes to the IME procedures in Nov 1,2012 and now the whole process is different. Yet I have received different information (including on my immigration checklist) stating i should have a completed IMM 1017 form signed by the panel physician that must be included in my package, while the physician's office tells me this is not the case and they have no papers to give me.
    Any help or advice anyone can offer would me much appreciated as I am at loss as to what to do! Doctors office refuses that there is any paper they must give me while I do believe my package is incomplete without the IMM 1017 form (?).
  2. I would suggest checking the date on the form/ checklist. It may not have been updated. Many of the forms have such dates on them to reflect rule changes. Or even check with the CIC website for the right checklist.
  3. The receipt that you should have received should have, down in the bottom left hand corner, IMM 1017B.
    It should have your photo attached to it and be signed, dated and stamped by the Panel Physician.

    The barcode should also be on it on the right hand panel and probably start with UF.

    If not, then I don't think the medical was done correctly.

  4. Hi all,

    I am faced with this situation as well today!

    The clinic only gave me a receipt (eMedical -e Upfront medical examination) with my particulars. There is a a barcode on the top right corner UMI U00000xxxx. However it isnt stated that it is a IMM1017B form.

    They had another copy of the receipt and attached to the medicals that I did.

    Is this correct???
  5. Does it have any form identification at all at the very bottom? Probably below any signatures etc...

    It sounds as though it's the correct type of form from the barcode info but the Form ID will confirm.
  6. There is no form id at all.

    There is only the title
    e up-front medical notification

    Top right is a barcode UMI U000000XXXX

    There is a box in the after my biodata.
    Instructions to the client: You have completed your health examination prior to applying for a visa. Please make sure you attached this letter to your visa application before submit the form to CIC... etcetc.

    Has anyone seen Copy B IMM1017 before???

    I am applying for outland spousal sponsorship and the instructions are for visa and form ID at all. sigh.

  7. OK, that sounds OK as it has the magic word "receipt" on it. Send it in, as requested.

    I have received an IMM 1017B and kept a scan of it, so I know what it looks like.

    It's possible that the form that you have is issued via a different route?

    In all honesty, the medicals and the procedures that link to them are a real mess.
    It's not surprising that so many issues come up related to them.
    My first ever thread on here was related to medicals and the problems I had getting the correct signed receipt.
  8. They went into their computer system and filled up a form. Then they printed out the form with the barcode number.

    So your form specifically state "Copy 1 of the Medical Report - Client Biodata and Summary (IMM 1017)" ?

    I did so much research before i went to the medicals and still got fustrated in the end..
  9. No, mine is different. However, I think you exactly what you should have as there are two different forms in use now. The IMM 1017 (what you seem to have) and the IMM 1017 B (what I have).

    Don't worry, I think you are OK.
  10. [​IMG]

    This is what I had received from the clinic.

    Does anyone receive the same thing as well?
  11. Is this being done BEFORE you send off the application or is it as a result of a request from CIC?

    It's completely different to mine, so I think the experts on here will have to comment...

    Having said that, my clinic was a "joke" to be honest.
    Wrong "Category" and the doctor forgot to sign it.
    I had to go back 2 more times to get it sorted out.
  12. This is done before I have send off my application.

    The clinic generated this form from the computer.

    Did you have this form instead?
  13. No, that's the old version that is now out of date.
    Mine is the new flavour from this year.
  14. then i really have no idea what is my version :(
  15. This is what the web site says.

    I think you have the computer generated one and I have the prefilled paper one. Perhaps my clinic is not connected to GCMS? ( I wouldn't be surprised ;-( )

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