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Medical for super visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by RidziS, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. As im going file my parents super next week.

    Have few questions

    1. Do i need a request from immigration for medical ?
    2. Can i do my parents medical and attach with my parents pacakege ?
    3. What documents they need to take for medical ?
    4. Let me know anything i need to know about supervisa before filing?

    Thank you

  2. Have you applied already or not? Application: Online or on Paper
    There is two kind of medical: 1. upfront medical ( before apply) and 2. After apply (you must get request from CIC)
  3. Yes but what documents should i take ? Actually i booked medical appointment for my parents for 20th sep

    So if i do upfront medical will that be a issue?
  4. Hello,
    if you already applied super visa for parent, then you have to wait for cic medical request. CIC will send you a medical request( IMM1017E) in next 30 days.
    if you have not applied super visa for parent yet, then you can go for upfront medical (IMM1017B)and you must attach this form to your application before you submit it to visa office.
  5. so as i explained before i am applying for my parents super visa and the file is ready and they going to apply on MONDAY so i have a quick question

    my dad and my step mom got a invitation from US for a wedding in our relatives and they did the paper work and was called for an interview at american embassy, but they didnt gave them the visa because of short notice and they was less time. so they just said no . so my question is do i have to mention in IMM 5257 application of my dad page 4 in Background Information section 2 a) question.

    Its been 17+ years when they applied so do I have to mention this incident still or does that matter ? what should i do. their is no rejection Stamp on my dad or step mom passport. They just called for an interview and did half hr interview and said No.

    please suggest .

    Thank You
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Canada and USA, these both country share the information each-others. you cannot lie.
    Form IMM 5257e - Page 4 section 2 has three questions:
    1. Have you ever remained beyond the validity of your status, attended school without authorization or worked with out authorization in Canada : if not, check mark on "NO"
    2. have you ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry or ordered to leave Canada or any other country or territory.
    if you applied for USA and denied, check mark on "Yes" and write down in details: "USA visitor visa has been denied due to insufficient documents"

    3. Have you previous applied to enter of remain in Canada? if not, check mark om " NO

    I hope, it will help you. Thank you.
  7. Hello all
    My parents got a request for medical two weeks back. The same day my dad was in an accident and had a fracture in his right hand. The medical appointment was scheduled for two weeks; it is tomorrow. Since it is not a pre-existing condition, I am hoping the physical, urine blood samples and chest xrays won't be affected. What do you all think and any similar experiences?


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