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Medical Exam and Police Certificate question


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Nov 23, 2015
Hi, I live in the USA, and I am sponsoring my spouse for permanent residency, she is also in the USA. We are applying outland.

Question 1: does she have to do the medical exam before we send in her application, or can she do the medical exam when they request her to do it? I heard they changed the law in 2013, so that you can do the medical exam later on.

My other question is about the police certificate. The FBI says it takes 13-15 weeks. Can we put a letter in our Canada application saying that we sent off for the police certificate and that it takes 13-15 weeks, and that we will send the certificate when we have it?

Thanks for your help!!!


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Jun 18, 2015
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Yes she can do the medical exam later, and yes you can send the police certificate later, just submit proof that you have requested it from the FBI.

When they request a document they give you a certain number of days to send it. So be sure to request your police certificate well before they have to request it, so you'll have it in time.


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Aug 30, 2013
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Answer 1: you can do either or....if you submit it up front your processing will go a bit faster as they won't have to request the medical...but if you want to submit it later on...you CAN

Answer 2: He's, you don't Have to include FBI clearance with your application...you can explain that you applied and you will send it as soon as you get it back....But wait until you get your UCI # so that you can include it with FBI so they know whick applucation to match it with

Hope this clarifies things a bit :)