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May Intake 2013

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ary13, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Hello frnds

    My Overall Ielts band score:- 6.0

    Please suggest me some colleges which offering One Year Post Graduate Diploma courses for May intake and also suggest me courses related to my previous qualification which are available in May 2013 Intake.

    Please Frndsss HELP ME!!!!
  2. nobody knws abt it??? :eek: ???
  3. hsmbdy help me plzzz :(
  4. Go for Humber or sheridan college
  5. project management ...post graduate certificate program centennial college or humber colege
  6. hey ary, wher r u from?

    i think i hav a similar profile as u, except i wud lik to apply for september intake..
  7. hey m frm ludhiana n u r?

    nd in which course n colleg r u going to apply n wt is ur previous qualification?
  8. me from the south (chennai)

    b.tech in I.T (75 %)
    IELTS yet to take..planning to tak on jan
    hav 1 yr + experience in a IT company

    have zeroed 1.computer network and systems security- 1 year ( 3 semesters including co-op) in Georgian college
    2.Business intelligence systems infrastructure -1 year in algonquin college

    weighing each courses benefits bfr finally deciding ..hwbt u and wat hav u decided?

  9. ludhiane ch kehde consultant kol ??
  10. Humber/Lambton are good options to consider if you want to go in May. Otherwise Each and every college does have SEPT INTAKE for all courses. Go for some Post graduate courses in Business Sector. Seems suitable with your current background.

  11. didn't decide anythng yet :'( i want to go for May intake for one year PG diploma but still didn't find suitable course

    my consultant suggest me for Infomation security Management in fanshawe college for May intake but i searched on college website that this course is only available in sep n jan intakes ???

    so m soo confused n didn't take any decision yet :-\
  12. Canam!!!

  13. Thnx bro....Humber ielts requiremnts r 6.5 for PG diploma bt i have only 6.0 :-X
    n didn't find any PG course for May intake in lambton ???
  14. go for mohawk college.... they give admission in 6 bands for pg course......

  15. yeah bt main issue is that there is no PG course available for May intake :(

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