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****MAY 2019 Inland Spousal PR + OWP****

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by endian, May 15, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    Lets join and discuss updates for applications submitted in May 2019.

    I have applied for my wife's Spousal Inland PR + OWP

    Application Sent: May 14, 2019
    Application Received: n/a

    I am applying from Vancouver, BC.
  2. I'm surprised there wasn't an inland thread already! I'm with all of you May applicants now! Everyone's application is different, so don't be too stressed if it takes a while. But I can say that on average people seemed to get their AORs in 42-44 days.

    My Timeline
    Application Received: March 28th
    Application Returned: May 13th (Missing signature)
    Application Mailed Out: May 16th
    Application Received: May 17th
  3. Ours was delivered on May 2, from Vancouver as well. A week after that we found out (reading this forum) that we didnt pay the whole amount for OWP (just 100$, forgot to pay 155$), so we paid it and sent a receipt via IRCC web platform and also sent a hard copy with the explanatory letter. I ve read that a lot of applications were returned because of this insufficient payment.. Hope they will attach our second receipt to the initial application as they havent process it yet. So frustrating lol
  4. Joining the thread! Haven't mailed out our app yet but we will be doing so on Tuesday (Coz monday is a stat holiday here in Ontario and I'm working the weekend.) Really excited to start the process up. Good luck to all of us!

  5. Best of luck...

    Do you know any timeline on OWP? How long it takes to get one, processing time online says 6 weeks.
  6. Hi Guys,
    App Sent March 26
    App Returned May 13 ( Missing physical Signature on schedule A)

    Send the App again and it got received 16th May.
    If i go with the previous trend expecting AOR by 1st week of July.
    Good Luck to everyone
  7. In March people tended to get their OWP approved around 50-60 days after it was in their office. (About 10+ or so days after AOR) All applications are different, though!
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    Application for PR + OWP received on May 14th.
    Waiting for AOR.
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    Officially part of the may group now.

    App sent: May 21

    Supposed to be delivered tomorrow then the clock officially starts.
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  10. I delivered my app + OWP yesterday via courier! I'm American, my common-law partner is Canadian.

    I'm honestly most anxious to get the OWP approved, because I'm on implied status as of today and not having an actual work visa makes me really nervous.
  11. Have you considered applying for an extension of your visitor's visa?

    I know we did that for me - just in case. It was lucky that we did, as our application got returned, if we hadnt've done that, I would've been out of status. Not that I'm saying it would happen to you - I hope it doesn't! But it's something you guys should consider applying for.
  12. I'm actually here on an IEC Working Holiday visa, which I can't apply to extend. I'm aware that I'm rolling the dice in case my application is returned... in fact, I have some annoyance at my partner for taking so long on certain parts of the application and putting me in this situation, but that's between me and her :) In the event that it is returned, I'll drive down to Niagara, flagpole for a visitor's visa, and my partner will have to stretch her paycheck very thin to support us both until I get the OWP.

    Thank you for your concern though -- sincerely appreciated!
  13. I would not flagpole to get a visitor visa. You should apply only to extend your stay as a visitor if your IEC is coming to an end and you haven't had a decision made on OWP. In the meantime you can continue to work under implied status on your IEC until a decision is made on OWP.
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  14. Application for PR and work permit sent on May 21.
    Are we supposed to get the police clearance certificate beforehand or is IRCC going to request it later?

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