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May 2019 Citizenship Application

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by bringiton, May 1, 2019.

  1. Any update on test invites for May applicants?
  2. things have gone cold in last week.
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  3. no update :(
    May 3rd delivery
    Sep 11th in progress.

    nothing after that.
  4. looks like there will be not much progress until elections are done. there is lot of backlog. Dont know when they will clear it
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    Did they return your application and you resent it? I ask because at the moment July 20th applications are getting AOR so it is too late for a MAY application to get AOR.
  6. Hi Admin,

    Please update the sheet:

    IP: September 7, 2019
  7. for May 2019 applicant test invite will be May 2020
  8. Bro just sit back and relax it will come in may 2020, i am also may 2019 applicant
  9. You're joking, right?:(
  10. I applied using the Web Form, aka Case specific inquiry form. Here is the link to the instructions:

    My reason is work related, I was given ultimatum for change of citizenship status or I won't be considered for the job. So I attached proof and evidences to support my request.
  11. bad joke o_O
  12. Please add my record.

    Application sent.........May 16.
    Application received........May 21, 2019
    Application type.........Single
    AOR ....August 1, 2019
    Processing ......Sept 25, 2019
    Physical presence........1550 days
  13. Yes, they did return the application in July because of a missing signature. They finally sent the AOR on the 7th. It seems it started back from square one. Did anybody else experience the same thing?
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  14. So I think it is better you add your new application to July spreadsheet for a better tracking experience.;)
  15. Finger Prints experience. Commissionaires - Vancouver. May be interesting.

    Did my fingerprints for citizenship (Sept. 17) and it didn't go through to RCMP. I had to find out myself that RCMP didn't receive it. Eventhough, they told me I have to do nothing and results will go straight to IRCC. If I would listen to them my application could be rejected after 30 days.
    No apology, all I heard that is not their mistake and I have to do it again.
    They don't have kind of warning that transaction is not completed and they do not do any check on that. Basically, they don't give a shit.
    So disappointed.
    Whatever they told you - better check yourself.
    All conversation sounds like we don't care you must do it again and we don't care that it will be 3 weeks delay because it is not our fault. Now I'm wondering is it my fault? And again they told me that I have to do nothing. Do I believe them now?

    Please update my info - fingerprints done on Oct 08. (line 25).

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