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May 2019 Citizenship Application

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by bringiton, May 1, 2019.

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    Hello. Created a thread for applications received on May 2019.

    My application received on April 30 2019. I guess i am one of the last applicants for April. so created a initiative for starting this new thread for May Month.

    Good luck.
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  2. i am planning to send my application on 15th May. as I travel for work and have 268 Days outside Canada, which includes more than 60 trips to USA
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  3. I sent my application this morning.
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  4. Thank you @bringiton for creating this thread

    Location: Kingston, ON
    App Sent: April 30th
    App Received: Pending
    Type of application: Single
    Physical presence: 1102 Days
  5. Well done fella!
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  6. +1 to you mate
  7. No worries mate. Good luck
  8. Thanks for creating this thread..
    Application sent.........April 30th.
    Application received........Pending
    Application type.........Family
    Physical presence........1504 days
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  9. Didnt u submit your application already?
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  10. Hello,
    I stayed in US for 5 years and moved from US into Canada as a PR in April 2016 and will be completing the eligibility for citizenship requirements by June 2019. Do I need to obtain police certificate /FBI report from US for submitting my citizenship application? I submitted a FBI report as part of the PR processing. It's a little confusing. Can someone please clarify?
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    Location: Kingston, ON
    App Sent: April 30th
    App Received: May 3rd
    Type of application: Single
    Physical presence: 1102 Days
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  12. Added you on the list

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  13. What's your location, application type and physical presence?
  14. my application was delivered this morning.
    is there a tracker for this year's applications?
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