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May 2019 Citizenship Application

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by bringiton, May 1, 2019.

  1. In my opinion, nothing would harm for your application if you have any question to ask them.
  2. I passed the Citizenship test on October 16 and the officer after the interview told me everything was looking good.
    I see in the spreadsheet people in the same location (Montreal) with the same date or later have seen their status change to DM.

    Mine is still IP and seeing the average and max dates in other months in Montreal, it seems I should have seen DM by now. Any hints onto what could be delaying things ?
  3. I passed the test with my family in Montreal on November 8 and still in process, while i see others who passed their test same as me, had their status changed to DM. Nothing to worry about, the officer might have lots of files and missed entering it in the system
  4. Hello guys, please I need some advice here. I have been called over in SA that my citizenship is due to be sworn in on the 27 November and my Canadian citizenship may probably be finalized by February 2020 going by trends on this forum. My question is do I need to inform IRCC of my new SA citizenship as its a new status or it might not be relevant? Your honest advice will be appreciated.
  5. Hello,

    Please update, DM on November 14

  6. Got an email today to appear for citizenship test on Dec 02, 2019..
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  7. IN process since Sept 25, but looks like Winnipeg applications are on a standstill :)
  8. Is anyone updating the spreadsheet for may applicants??
  9. Since this is happening outside qualifying period of 5 years, I don't think it should matter. Probably call IRCC and ask just to be sure.
  10. Hey

    I came to Canada as an international student, got work permit and then got PR. I am hoping to get an answer from similar applicants. As you are aware, when we apply for pgwp, atleast during my time it took around 7 months to get the post graduate work permit. That "period" under implied status, do we put it as 'international student' or as 'worker' while calculating the physical presence in Canada? During that time under 'implied status' my student permit and TRV had expired, not sure what I would claim my physical presence as in worker or student . Please advice. Thank you!
  11. FP done on 13th Nov.
  12. Thanks for your advice. I will appreciate others who might have similar experiences to share their thoughts.
  13. Alternatively you could give them a call at 613-998-6362 (between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM EST) and they would be able to give you a status update right away. You’ll need to provide your DCN and other personal information as verification steps.

    RCMP has been receiving high volume of fingerprint requests and in my case it took them 5 business days to mail out my report since the date of submission.
  14. FP request Nov 9, done Nov 12. Please update.
  15. Same here from Winnipeg. In Process since Sept 30, still no update until now.

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