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May 2018 - Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by withhardshipcomesease, May 3, 2018.

  1. I meant the file is in Halifax IRCC , that's what I get for posting at night :D . I really thought we would at least have our notice if not the test by January.. I wonder where in CB the oath will be? (Probably on Canada Day at this rate..)
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  2. Its normally at the bell museum in braddock, it's been there last 2 years
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  3. Does anyone know what test centers we get allocated to in GTA? is it by our postal code?
  4. Hi admin,
    Can you please add my partner to the tracker? Details:

    Single applicant, around 1200 residency days

    Applied: May 28, 2018
    AoR: May 31, 2018
    In Process: June June 4, 2018
    Test notice: via email on Feb 11, 2019
    Test Date: Feb 23
    Location: Toronto applicant, but test in Mississauga

    To the ones who received test invite via email:
    Email title says: "The purpose of this notice is to invite you to write a Citizenship Test and/or for Verification of Identity/Documents." That "or" clause confused me. I hope the invitation is for both test and interview, not just interview.

  5. If you are below 55 then its test and interview. if you are above 55 then just interview.
  6. Updated, thanks. By any chance do you know if the application was processed in Mississauga or Toronto? BTW, among May 2018 applicants, your application has taken minimum days from app received to AOR, and from AOR to "In Process".
  7. Thanks for confirming!
    Good to know :) No idea about processing location though. Never called to find out, and just checked, it is not mentioned in IRCC's email communications.
  8. FY - I called CIC the other day to inquire on my application status. I was told that the IRCC was working on getting my "clearance checks" and I should just hang tight and wait for the test invite.
    App delivered May 28th 2018, AOR Aug 2nd 2018 & in process since Aug 16 2018.
  9. hey guys, we got our test invite today. test date is in 7 march in surrey.

    kindly update the data sheet...thanks...can anyone please advise what resources are availble to pass the exam. my wife is already getting very scared and anxious listening about the TEST... please advise to HOW TO PASS the TEST.
  10. Read and memorise Discover Canada thoroughly. For online tests just GOOGLE you will find many free ones or just take some time to scroll thru the forum you will find many as this question of How to ace the test is asked time and again.
  11. Updated, thanks
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    Any one interested to share citizenshipsupport.ca test online practice program for half price than inbox me for details.... I have purchased for $33 in January 2019 and will share for half price, valid till January 2020..
  13. where is your location?
  14. Hi Guys,

    I have sent new urgent applications to replace the ones i sent last year, which probably misplaced or something.
    Any one knows what the time line to open the urgent processing applications envelop?
  15. Hi! Have you guys had any further updates?

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