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Marriage status changed after AOR

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by mtnguyen2909, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I am new to the process and had made it to the AOR; however, there are a couple things I am not certain of and I am sure others might have asked before me. If so, could someone be so kind and maybe reply the link of those threads or answer these questions I have, I would greatly appreciate it!

    I have received the AOR and gave the bio metric; just waiting for the PPR (fingers-crossed) - the estimate for the process time is till Feb 8, 2020. My fiance and I are thinking to wait until I received the PPR to get married; otherwise we want the wedding to be summer of 2020.
    1. Would you recommend to wait until I get my PR card, landed then get married after? The paper work will take longer but it is guaranteed he will get it.
    2. If we decided to pick the date before my land date; then what are the documents they will need from him (so I could start preparing them in advance). Will changing the marriage status jeopardize my application? CRS shouldn't be a problem and I know it could prolong the process for another month or 2, depends on the circumstances.

    Thank you so much!
  2. Read a bit about sponsoring which can take longer than the few months. If you're willing to be separate for a while while that gets sorted then option 1 is feasible. It depends on what you guys want.

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