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Markham area

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Noramoda, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Sure lots of minimum wage or close to minimum wage jobs available. You and your husband will have to work alternating shifts because childcare will be too expensive on lower wage jobs. It wouldn’t make sense to work and pay for childcare. Schools also end mid afternoon so that has to factor into your plans. If you don’t have a vehicle it is harder to get around the suburbs. I would make sure you are close to a decent transit route.

  2. Thank you, that's really informative..
    Ok, so far i found out that the basement I was talking about, each room has a window and the thermostat is in sharing and the landlord will keep control of it.
    The nearest school is a 2 mins drive and they are willing to do a month on month rent but they'll be taking the first and last months rent. Also, the grocery shops are 5 bus stops away and the bus stop is hardly a min away from the house ..
  3. O great! Location and rent wise its pretty good.
  4. I just wanted to clarify, 5 bus stops away is an ok distance to go fetch grocery ?
  5. Considering closest bus stop is hardly a minute away from property. Yes!
  6. Great, thank you
  7. I am also in the similar situation. I am planning to move in november in Brampton or Markham. This post is really helpful. Following.
  8. The issue is the expense of transit. If you don’t have a transit pass going to get groceries for one person will cost $6 or more so if it is 5 stops I would just walk.

  9. Assuming you will be doing groceries once a week, 6 bucks/week ain't that bad. In summer time you can probably walk one way.

  10. Yes, wil probably walk down if doable.. also how does one get a transit pass ? Is there a special requirement for that ?
  11. You also have to carry the groceries home, you may have children with you. That can end up being multiple fares both ways. Fares for adult is actually around $4 and child $2.50 so it definitely adds up quickly. Uber would likely be around the same if going with your family.


  12. Thank you, wil try and find a way out
  13. Many new immigrants (and Canadians) are surprised by how expensive public transportation or just transportation in general can be. Not unusual to have to get a few things at the grocery store every few days but if you are living on a budget using transit has to often be well thought out. Lots of people walk long distances to save money.
  14. No special requirements. If you working in York region, it's better to buy the york region monthly pass. If you'll be working in Toronto buy the GTA weekly pass which covers York region, Toronto,and peel region.

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