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Markham area

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Noramoda, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Hi guys,

    We are a family of 4 (2 kids, 2 adults) planning on moving in the month of sept and are looking for a suitable area, where the rentals are reasonable.. we've narrowed down on Markham. Looking forward to some more reviews and suggestions.
  2. If the kids are over 15, a townhouse gonna be your best bet.
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  3. Not sure why the age matters. A townhouse will probably be the most affordable option in Markham. Markham is like many other suburbs, nice, relatively safe, etc. The choice of locations really effects commute times depending on where you work.
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  4. Hi, thank you for responding .. my kids are aged 2 and 6. What exactly is a townhouse, m sorry m unaware of these terms.. I am, however, getting a basement with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathroom for 1400 which include utilities. Also its a new construct. And the school is seemingly 2 mins from the place.
    How good a deal is that ?
    Should i be going ahead with it ?
  5. Townhouse is basically a tall row house. A long row of houses attached together that tend to be higher versus wider. Have you seen the property? Have you met who lives in the rest of the house? How many people? How well is the ceiling insulated for sound? Do you have a separate thermostat? What is included in the $1400? All utilities, internet, others? How much sunshine will you get. It is pretty dreary to begin with during the winter, is the safety exits or only one door. Do you have a separate entrance? Where is it? Living in a basement is difficult although some are better than others. They can be quite damp, dark, noisy depending on who is above you and how well insulated the ceiling and floors are. How long did the last tenants stay? Why did they leave? Do you have parking? Is it close to public transportation if you don’t have a car. How close are basics like a grocery store. That will be an issue in Markham where most drive.

    Not sure about the going rate in Markham but it is a risk if you sign a lease and have never seen the place,
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  6. If the kids are going to high school they probably need their own room. In OP's case, as the kids are under 8 he can even lease a condo with 1 plus den and should be ok for next few years. So age does matter.
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  7. 15 is a weird age for kids to need more space and privacy. 2 Kids under 15 would have a very hard time sharing a den.
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  8. Op's kids are 2 and 6. A good sized den should work great for a 6year old.
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  9. These are good questions, il put them up with the landlord.. actually a cousin of my husband is looking up a property for us since we are not present there yet and we want a reasonable deal till the time we find a permanent job atleast and then make a final movement accordingly.
    And 1400 does include the internet and gas and hydro and all.

  10. Every basement is different. The best thing to do is to initially go for month to month rent if possible. That will give flexibility to move out if you dont like it.

    In terms of rent, $1400 all inclusive is ok price. Depending on how the basement apartment is, you might be able to negotiate a little.
  11. Would you have any idea as to how much would something like that cost in rent ?

  12. Yes, we're thinking of negotiating. And i think it becomes very difficult to find a month to month rental place, atleast it will be for us since we are new immigrants and nobody's willing to rent without a credit history and a job or atleast a 6 months payment in advance
  13. If it is a good property the owners can easily get a longterm tenant in the GTA. Month to month rentals usually require you to pay more because it is a big pain for a landlord. Or the month to month properties are usually not great.
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  14. Getting a condo unit should be around $2000 plus internet and utilities(depending on the condo).

    Getting a unit in a rental building should be around 1500 plus internet, laundry and parking with utilities included.
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  15. Thank you @Gvarma & @canuck78.
    Also if i may ask both of you, what opinion do you hold for the job mkt there? Could we easily get survival jobs atleast initially ?

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