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******March 2021 AOR********


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Jun 24, 2020
I also gone through mp , but they just told me the status. They told me they cannot ask them to expedite the application. May I know your AOR please?
Can you please advise what is the status of your application according to what the MP told you? Have you received amy gcms notes ?


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Oct 4, 2021
Can you please advise what is the status of your application according to what the MP told you? Have you received amy gcms notes ?
Yes, eligibility and security not yet started.
In the gcms notes last month also was saying the some thing not yet started security and eligibility.
AOR 28 April


Dec 5, 2021
Hello all,

I have applied through CEC draw in Feb 2021 and received AOR and Medical approved in march . Since then there is no update.

I have ordered gCMS notes twice and received same status pending. In the notes I see only update to Review applicants intent to settle out of Quebec. I have worked for 2 years in Quebec but submitted my application in India via CEC draw.

Some of my friends still in canada received their PR around same timeline. Is me not staying in Canada one of the factors for delay in processing the application ?

My medicals expired and would iRCC ask for new medicals to issue CoPR ?

Also I changed my company recently but in same NOC job code. Do I still need to update this information through webform ?

I do not know what to do next im not even able to call them from India.

Please advice.

Thank you
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Jan 18, 2021
Try to call or email your local MP, so at least you will get to know the status of your application.
Can you please describe what do you meant by local MP? I am new to this, the last time I got to know my application is with Ottawa office. Thanks


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Jan 8, 2021
Guys this is my time line
Aor march 18
Bio Apr 1st
Vo RROC Ottawa
Portal email Nov 5 from calgary
Ecopr Nov 9
Recieved Pr card Dec 6
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Aug 8, 2021
Times lines:
AoR:10th March
Medical:25 March
After that long silence, applied GCMS on 10th July but no response ever get. In between tried IRCC customer care but always get response it is in-progress.
First portal email: 11th Nov
Second Portal email: 16th Nov
eCOPR: 20th Nov
PR card approved: 29th Nov
PR card received: 6th Dec


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Jul 12, 2020
March 4 AOR
Visa Office : CPC Ottawa & OSC
Invitation Email: November 7, answered on November 20
Portal Credentials: November 23
eCoPR: November 26
PR Card Application: submitted on November 26. Approved and mailed on December 6
On portal mailing address approved, photo still showing in review with Ircc.

Keep hope everyone. Hope you get good news soon, I know how nerve wracking is to wait but at the end of the day you will get it.
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