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MARCH 2020 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship


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Jul 25, 2014
Wow that can be really stressful anyways you can.
1. Call IRCC, send a webform, or email to the CPC. Or try the GCMS notes if it is possible to get it.
2. Find out from your dispatch center to verify that your file reached the Processing Center and if possible get a note as evidence to IRCC.
3. Involve your MP since it's been over a year already.
4. Last move is to re apply, but not the best thing to do. I heard of some people who withdraw their file only to re apply. But please Don't make this an option.

The other 3 options should work out.

Best of luck buddy.

Well IRCC agents are like Robots they just read a Script which says "Application Under Progress and Due to Covid-19 we cannot tell you the timeline". IRCC is the most useless Ministry in the whole of Canada..which just causes Pain and Trauma to Canadian Citizens and Residents sponsoring their spouses. It should be renamed "PAIN AND TRAUMA" ministry.


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Oct 16, 2019
Hey guys.

I am March 2,2020 applicant
Both spouse and sponsor living outside canada
We finished everything.
April 14th 2021 we were giving procedural fairness letter (proof the sponsor will return to Canada)
Our gcms notes say they believe our marriage is genuine but wanna know that I will go back to Canada.
We submitted all the proof on April 22, 2021.
Yesterday night ecas changed to decision made.
could this be bad because of the procedural fairness letter?
We submitted so much proof.

when will I know???


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Oct 18, 2020
Hi everyone. I am a March 2020 outland applicant from USA. At the end of November 2020 I flew to Canada to be with my husband while our application was still processing. I just flew back to USA in early June and when I got home I realized I overstayed my 6 months stay by 2 weeks. This was truly by accident and I unfortunately hadn't been paying close attention to the dates of my stay. Our application has been at DM stage since March 2021. I hope to fly back to Canada in a few weeks. My question is- will this negatively effect our application at all? Can I possibly be denied entry back to Canada? Is there someone I should contact to inform them of the situation? I know how careless of a mistake this was, so any negative comments are not appreciated.


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Aug 21, 2019
Hi everyone. Got an email from my MP:

The responsible office has reviewed the application and documents submitted and has determined that the sponsored person (the applicant) has met the eligibility requirements, the assessment for the applicant has been finalized on June 14, 2021 at the Canadian visa office in Warsaw.

The medical examination results are on file and valid.

The criminality verifications are currently valid.

The security verifications are currently valid.

Hope to hear the good news soon. Hope everyone here hears the good news soon.