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Apr 6, 2020
Hi @legalfalcon

I have a question for you: What else can be done? My application still stuck in Criminality and security checks. Both are in progress still, everythingelseis passed . It will be 2y in coming March. I called immgration today and they have no answer for me, only patience (just waite). While ppl who apply after me are permanentresident(my coworker applied in September 2021 got her PR and received her PR card today).

From your experience in the matter; what else can be done?. I don't want to keep renewing my work visa, losing promotion, benefits at work cuz i am still on work visa!. Any advice? . Thank you for your time.
Hi, I am in a fairly similar situation, with AOR Feb 2020, on a work visa and kind of stuck at work. Unfortunately they told you the truth: there is nothing to do but waiting. I spent long time making plans which took into account an imminent Canadian PR, but it did not arrive yet and I was left with only frustration and sub-optimal choices.
IRCC is doing a horrible job and they are not being fair at all, but we cannot change that. My personal advice would be to plan your life as if the Canadian PR is still very far away: renew your visa (I just renewed mine), take over year-long leases etc. When Canadian PR will eventually arrive, it would be a nice surprise and you will figure out from there,
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M Sudhanan

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Jan 20, 2021
We got the permanent residence portal email confirmation this afternoon and have submitted our details. Will update when we get any further.

AOR March 25, 2020
Medicals passed May 2020
Medicals re-passed July 31, 2021
Ghost update Jan 10, 2022
PR confirmation email Jan 14, 2022

Looks like there is a lot of activity, hopefully lots more get some good news this week :)
Did you receive Credential details from IRCC Confirmation portal ?


Mar 21, 2019
any idea how long it takes for the passport to get stamped? Is it 15 or 30 days?

Your application, tracking ID No.XXXX has been received and is under process at the IRCC Office on 2022/01/17

This is the only update for the last 5 days.


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Jan 21, 2020
Hello members,

I am outside of Canada.
I was wondering if it is no use to file a mandamus if I'm not an inland applicant.

Thank you in advance for any input.


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Oct 27, 2020
any idea how long it takes for the passport to get stamped? Is it 15 or 30 days?

Your application, tracking ID No.XXXX has been received and is under process at the IRCC Office on 2022/01/17

This is the only update for the last 5 days.
15-20 days


Dec 8, 2020
They will reject it 90% of the time, if you have a PR app in progress. 10% is luck.
Most of the time, a visitor's visa gets rejected on the basis that there is a high chance they won't return if their PR gets rejected. If your PR application is approved in principle (passed elligability) then a visitor's visa will most likely be approved.


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Mar 23, 2018
Hi there. My AOR is March 2020 (post 18th March). I recently got married to a canadian citizen and am waiting for my pr. However, day by day I am losing hope with regards to the processing of my application and am looking for alternative means to reach canada to live with my spouse. Basis the last conversation with ircc, security is pending and medicals have expired with no remedical request received so far. Visitors visa seems like an option but with high chances of rejection. Can anyone please recommend/suggest what I should do in this scenario? Should I apply for any other visa or should I wait it out? Thanks for your time

@legalfalcon would appreciate your response too. Thanks
I am in the same boat. But I am currently on a work permit too. Just before you get worried more - you can apply for a visitor visa as a family member of Canadian citizen if you don’t have any other temporary status. Write a strong letter of explanation as to why you want to be with your spouse and how the pandemic has delayed your pr processing.
Select to unite with a family member who is a Canadian citizen
This is a different portal which gets you visa in 30 days. I myself applied through it and mentioned that I have a work permit and pr file in processing + my spouse in Canadian. Received my visa in 20 days.
There are not many people like us who also recently got married while having a pr in processing so you might get answers that don’t help. My situation is slightly different than yours as im already in Canada and working but if you want to reunite with your spouse, your pr file shouldnt get rejected - ircc mentioned last year they are trying to prioritize families who haven’t seen each other for a long time due to the pandemic and expediting these visas. While I cannot guarantee approval - It is worth a try and won’t affect your PR file.

Also, make sure you notify IRCC about your marital status change through webform.

For your PR file please submit your record of solemnization, marriage certificate, letter explanation explaning how you got married, when you did,how you met and all that background - like a story plus also share your spouses documents that prove citizenship status (citizenship card and passport). You should do this as soon as possible to update your pr file.

Hope this answer helps!
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