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Apr 26, 2021
Hey Guys,

I have a quick question, I am working on my application for EE Application. Currently, I am in Canada and I do not want to claim points for my bachelors.

If I don't need WES, do CIC can ask WES after my application (during background check), I saw some postings in different thread about Dr Ambedkar Uni (agra) and IRCC usually asks for second verification. I have no one in India who can help me to get transcript sent out from uni.

Please advise.


Full Member
Mar 4, 2021
CEC Inland AOR March 25, 2020

I wrote to my MP and they got an update for us:
Eligibility passed June 2020
Medicals were extended April 20, 2021
Criminality in process

Much more detail that I was able to get via phone and webforms.

Hopefully we should get an update soon..!