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Majour HELP


Jul 27, 2019
The long story is got passport request email but on it it said had to be in canada no later then Aug 15,2019 when medical expires. It told us if cant do, then respond with details. Which i did 12 days ago explaining ouf situation and asked to do second medical only now for them to tell me they cant do because they dont have me as rep which i still have copy of plus through the whole process i have been the only one to receive all the emails from beginning until this point. My question is if we show them this as well as send webform with a scan of use of rep we have and we go ahead with being able to do second medical but because of such short time left we cant get it passed and in system before Aug 15 when everything expires so will they just shut down our whole application and we have to start from very beginning. Because we still would need another 4 weeks about to get passport back once we get new request