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Looking for job after landing as PR

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by newly_settled_in_Canada, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Hi. I landed as PR exactly one year ago. I was told the job market was bad due to an oil recession that had hit Canada badly.
    For two months, I had no job and winter hits you especially if you are moving from the tropics or the sub-tropics.
    Got a part time gig in a cafe by late November, and that was good to get me through the initial spells of snow and pay for my rent and other bills. By December, the job pool really dries up - so aim to land after mid January. It benefits on two ways - at least half the winter is gone by and days start getting longer, and office activity definitely gets a boost after the lull of Christmas and New Year.
    January 15 I got a job and by March there were other offers lined up too.
    Getting a Canadian experience - even customer service in a cafe helps as employers tend to think that you have a knowledge of the 'Canadian culture'.
    Second, got in touch with a lot of recruitment agencies since all kinds of labour is regulated in Canada - so recruitment agencies are big here. It took time but these agencies definitely help if you have patience and you end up with a right one.
    My current gig is with a staffing agency itself (who would've believed!), so I'll be happy to promote bits and nuggets of information to help you prepare better for your job search in Canada.
    Mostly, it'll be via some well written articles that really help in the Canadian style of job hunt. And updates on the Canadian industry and job bank.

    For example, check out this link to get a hold on resume writing techniques in Canada:

    By default, daily visit the Stats Canada page even if you don't understand anything at all at the
    start. It'll start making sense in a while and by the time you'll be ready for a job search, you'll have stats to streamline the process.

    Good luck to everyone.
  2. This is awesome! I was thinking of landing in Jan myself. Thanks for the tip :)
  3. Great Info. Planning to land in February as well. I have family(wife, 6 month old). how much does it cost me if i get my family(wife, 6 month old) to live in suburbs of toronto such as (missisauga,north york or some nearby toronto suburb) ?
  4. Winter is still very much going on (in Newfoundland anyway) mid January. If you don't like winter, I would suggest you go later than that.
  5. I am moving from Boston to mostly Toronto. I'm hoping it is not all that different haha
  6. Personal living costs are pretty subjective to the kind of living standards you want to maintain. That said, Mississauga, and other suburbs near Toronto are a great place to be courtesy the amazing connectivity they offer.
    Rent, grocery and transit (if you don't own a car yet) should be the three major expenses at the start.
    For rent, you may refer to www.torontorentals.com, www.kijiji.com and rentfaster.com

    I always prefer checking cost of living from either numbeo.com or expatistan.com. Really helpful.

    Good luck with your moving.
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  7. Thanks a lot !!

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