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Looking for Business Partner-Manitoba

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by VIJAYMAGHNANI, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    After trying hard for express entry, finally, I have decided to immigrate Canada under any of the business immigration schemes. I have good net-worth & business profile.

    I am looking for anyone with a similar situation so that we can group together to visit Manitoba or BC to explore options and the procedure to apply for a work permit.

    Please leave your number here, I will contact you or we can make a group if more people are interested to discuss together.

    Vijay Kumar
  2. hello,

    Which part of India are you from. I am trying for BC regional category.
  3. Myself from Chandigarh, interested in Business PR category. Personally i have approx. 20 years of business experience and have little net worth to invest. I am open to form a JV, A group, a consortium for our common goal of settlement in Canada as businessman. I am ready to buy/acquire a running business in Canada and presently i am exploring Atlantic region of Canada.

    Share your whatsapp/calling numbers and we can update each other about latest rules, laws, options available and categories suitable for us.
  4. Whats your business. Anyway i think bc pnp ei regional is better . How much can you invest is the question. Sent you pm with whatsapp number
  5. Please whatsapp at 917009542070
  6. Hi
    Can a 56 year old guy also apply?
    I worked offshore for most of my life.
    Looking to start something and move with my son who is 16 years old
    Let us connect My whatsapp 91 9445440530
  7. I am also interested from Kenya . My whatsup +254722792880
  8. It looks like a good opportunity ....
    Any one planning for Ontario ??? let me know

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