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LMIA verification

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Beckly, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Hello .
    I got LMIA letter from and agent and wish to verify if it’s genuine or Fake. Please see copy below

    System File Number: 89340947300
    Service Canada Centre: 4762- Foreign Work Recruitment Branch
    Service Canada Officer: Elaine Rivera
    Phone: TEL: (800)462-4319 FAX: (780)983-4358
    Opinion Expiry Date: 2022-09-29
    Please note that the foreign worker must apply to CIC for a work permit prior to this date* Employment Information
    Employer ID#: 5607HR
    Employer Name: Melissa Morrow
    **Please take note of this number for future reference as this will help in the processing of any
    future Foreign Worker requests. Employer Contact(s)
    Contact Name
    Sure ways Travels & Tour Law & Co
    Third Party Information: Third Party ID#:
    Third PARTY Company: N/A Name of representative
    Contact Phone
    Other Phone

    **Please take note of this number for future reference as this will help in the processing of any future Foreign Worker.
    Workers Information
    Last Name

    Job Information
    NOC Code and Title: Number of positions: Level for Education:
    (As required by employer) language requirements Oral:
    Regulatory body: Duration of employment: Wage:
    Hour of work:
    First Name

    #8653 Store Keeper 1
    This occupation is not regulated 2 Years
    2500 CAD Monthly 10.40%Vacation pay
    42 hour(s) weekly
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    It is probably fake just by the fact that unlikely I would think to get an approval for a store keeper given possibly plenty of residents available for that type of job.

    Do you have an offer letter that you can share with personal details removed just to confirm.

    Have you been offered any one of flights, accommodation or food or asked for copies of any documentation, passport ,which would indicate is fake
  3. Yes . I have their offer with me kindly see it below

    P.O. Box 700 Postal Station B, Montreal, Quebec H3B 3K3, Canada
    Toll free number: 1-800-347-0925, Tel: 413-680-3860 Fax: 1-588-049-6189 or 510-965-984
    Date: Thursday 15, August, 2019

    I am pleased to extend our offer of employment for the position of Store Keeper II. In this position you will work in our, Postal Station B, Montreal, Quebec H3B 3K3, Canada In this position you will report to Melissa Morrow, Regional HR Manager at Imperial Oil, Canada Oil & Energy
    Duties and Responsibilities
    Oversees the daily operations of the Districts’ warehouses, Responsible for maintaining the accuracy of Stores Fixed Asset Inventory and Fixed Asset system. Coordinates courier service for Graphics Services, Copy Center and the Warehouse, Receives and inspects all incoming materials and reconciles with purchase orders; processes and distributes documentation with purchase orders; reports, documents and tracks damages and discrepancies on orders received,
    Makes intra- and inter-campus deliveries of requested surplus office furniture and merchandise; maintains records of all deliveries, delivers bulk mailings to US Post Office.
    Effective date
    The effective date is September 27, 2019
    Probationary Period
    Your employment is subject to a probationary period of two months beginning on your start date of September 27, 2019. Your probationary period will be subject to Imperial Oil Quebec, Canada.
    Your monthly salary will be $2500 CAD. We will calculate and deduct statutory deductions (Federal tax, C.P.P., E.I.) for you at source. Your salary is payable monthly deposit to the financial institution of your choice or by cheque – outline how compensation is made.
    Your vacation eligibility is based on date of hire calculation or the calendar year – also indicate the amount of vacation to be earned and any other relevant vacation details – vacation is governed by ESA so you must be specific.

    Confidentiality (Optional paragraph)
    While under our employ and after the termination of this agreement, you will not disclose the private and confidential affairs of the Imperial Oil and will not use for your own purposes or for those of any other person any information which you acquire about the business and affairs of the Imperial Oil or about its management and methods of operations.
    If your employment with Imperial Oil is terminated, you will receive either written notice of termination, termination pay or a combination as long as the notice and the termination pay together equal the length of notice you would be entitled to receive, in accordance with labour standards or provincial employment standards act or legislation.
    Law of the Contract
    This offer should be interpreted according to the laws of Postal Station B, Montreal, Quebec H3B 3K3, Canada.
    Please provide your signature on one copy of this letter as your acceptance of these terms and conditions that shall constitute an agreement between us. Please return one copy to us for our files.
    Imperial Oil, we look forward to establishing a professional working relationship with you and welcome to our team.
    Yours truly,

    MBA, CPA.
    Regional Human Resources Manager of Imperial Oil Canada. Oil & Energy
    I hereby understand and agree to the terms outlined in this letter of contract. DATED at this ____ day of
    Signed: _________________________
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    That's almost certainly a scam / fake.

    Why would you be delivering "bulk mailings to US Post Office" when the job is in Canada?
    Does "Postal Station B" have it's own laws?

    This is who is really at that address.

    Please visit the AST Trust Company (Canada) website or contact them at:

    AST Trust Company (Canada)
    P.O. Box 700
    Postal Station B
    Montreal, Quebec
    H3B 3K3

    Toll free number: 1-800-387-0825
    (Canada & USA)
    Tel: 416-682-3860
    Fax: 1-888-249-6189 or 514-985-8843

    Notice how the job offer letter has just slightly changed the real phone numbers?

    Tel: 413-680-3860 is in Chicopee Massachusetts

    There's no job. There is however an opportunity to steal your money and identity. Walk away from this.

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