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Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by mgawali, Dec 3, 2019 at 12:02 AM.

  1. want to check the LMIA NUMBER is true or not it is written system file number
    LMIA NUMBER is 4628000
    name is =Mayur Kishor Gawali
    please let me know
  2. Fake. How much did you pay?
  3. I did not payed anything to them but later they asked me to pay 35600rs for visa and CIS charges Indian currency to someone's personal account named as Victor with his account number so for that reason I decided to go and cross check the company company name is Mrs Jenny green family
  4. Post copy the job offer here but sounds as though is a scam as often seen here where people claim a job is available with a family in Canada but neither job or visa generally do not exist once you pay.
  5. i am unable to post on these site as not know how to do on this site.
    if you let me your mail add I may post you all the documents got from them as I got contract agreement after signing the contract agreement and sending to them I got offer letter from them and LMIA letter and citizenship letter so please send me yours mail id Thankyou
    as my mail id is mgawali69@gmail.com
  6. It's fake. You don't pay someone personally for the visa. You also don't get a citizenship letter.
  7. No need to post anything. It's a scam.

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