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LMIA letter verification

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by ARPITA D SHAH, May 15, 2019.

  1. Even if you have a job offer letter or copy of the LMIA, it can still be fake.
  2. How can you say that this will be fake as there's any site which can check correctness of LMIA
  3. Nope, there's isn't such a site for you to check. The simple answer is that this is fake. If you don't believe us, go ahead and pay the money and you'll soon find out for yourself(and be Rs. 15,000 poorer).

    Any job that is offered in such a manner is fake. But hey, go find out for yourself and come back and tell us what happened.
  4. Look as others have said there is no job and you just need to ask yourself why any company is going to recruit for an office manager position from outside of Canada as though there are no candidates at all either in Alberta or the rest of Canada for a basic admistration job. If still not convinced then go ahead and pay up any fees and if works out great you proved everyone wrong but if doesnt work out no point in complaining.

    On this forum it seems to be a common theme that even consultants get taken in with these offers, some just being naive and others with full knowledge there is no job but they have a business to run and can just blame the system if doesnt work out..

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