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Lmia fake or real

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Ismail1991, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Hello guys please confirm the following lmia real or fake
    System file number: 8662807
    Service Canada Center: 4745-Foreign Worker Recruitment Branch
    Employer ID #: 2760431**
  2. Insufficient information for us to go on. Please paste the job offer letter here with your personal information removed from it and then we can advise you on it's likely validity.

    By default, it you feel that you need to ask, it's probably a fake.

    Based on the Employer ID #, and https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/how-to-check-lmia-letter.561540/page-11#post-8065530 I suspect that it's a scam.
  3. Ref NO: 3467/EDS0147 09/08/2019.

    Congratulation! With reference to your educational certificates copies submitted to us and
    the online interview you had with us. We are pleased to confirm that you have been selected
    to work with us at LEDCOR GROUP CONSTRUCTION CANADA. We are delighted to
    make you the following job offer.
    We are offering you the position of MECHANICAL QC INSPECTOR (code- 2132) at a
    salary monthly basic salary will be 10,300 CAD + 1086 CAD Weekly, Total is 14,644 CAD after
    Tax as Monthly allowances. Salary will be reviewed after Six months; payment shall be
    directly paid into the Employee’s bank account {negotiable}.
    As MECHANICAL QC INSPECTOR: Roles & Responsibilities are to Executes the
    specific inspections on materials, equipments and construction/installation activities on site.
    Issues the relevant Quality Records and, when necessary, writes and sends to QC Supervisor
    non-conformances reports.
    Controls equipment installation, alignment and leveling
    Performs functional checks and mechanical completion checks (Pressure and atmospheric
    Trays inspection (dimensional check, water tightness test).
    Benefits Information to the position:
    A) A Private Accommodation with a furnished sitting room and bedrooms suitable for a
    family of 3 - 5.
    B) A Fixed land phone and an Internet ready computer.
    C) Free medical care
    E) A Day off every week and all fully paid Eight weeks' vacation in a year.
    Leave Entitlement:
    You are eligible for a paid leave of 45 days after continuous service of 12 months as per
    employment act, upon obtaining LEDCOR GROUP CONSTRUCTION ID. However,
    granting of leave days are subject to leave availability / exigencies of work. The Employee
    may not waive this vacation or request cash compensation instead.
    Air Ticket:
    The Company shall provide the Employee with round trip Premium excursion air ticket from
    Canada to home country or any country of your choice (Nearest International Airport) for
    every 1 year of continued service with the Company.
    Your employment will commence on the 29th of September 2019. We are delighted to extend this offer to join our company.
    Also, please report to us, for documentation and orientation. If this resumption date is not
    acceptable, please contact us immediately.
    General Terms:
    Your appointment and placement on the rolls of the company is on the basis of the
    information furnished by you and in the event of such furnished by you is found materially
    inaccurate or false, your services are liable to be terminated immediately in addition to and
    without prejudice to any what so-ever right of action the company may have against you.
    Please sign and return the duplicate copy of this as a token of your acceptance. Further,
    kindly furnish the Signed acceptance of the offer immediately to us. The signed copy should
    be scanned and mailed to the undersigned within 3 working days of the receipt of this offer,
    failing which the offer will automatically lapse.
    All other terms and conditions of this offer are subject to the existing visa, Immigration and
    We are confident you will be able to make a significant contribution to the continuity of the
    success of our company and look forward to working with you
    Accepted (Candidate Name & Signature)
    MrsKaty Fairley.
    Vice-President, Business
  4. Fake.
  5. Totally fake, I mean a salary of 170k plus, free acommodation, 45 days vacation and to seal the deal a premium paid for airfare. One of the more ridiculous unrealistic fake offers out there.

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