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LMIA application processing time?

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by fredde587, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. My employer got interviewed 20 days ago so how much time i will have to expect for lmia
    My occupation is in food processing
    Help pls
  2. my employer got a phone interview last week
  3. What is your noc and when u applied for it?
  4. Wh
    When did your employer applied for your LMIA? Thanks in advance
  5. noc 1241
    March 25
  6. February 20
  7. According to my knowledge your chances are higher to get it soon
    And pls inform me when you get any response and i will also inform you if i get any
    Thank you
  8. Pls inform me when you get any response
    Thanks in advance
  9. Okey
  10. Hey my employer applied for an LMIA for me and their card was charged March 27th still no response. The job is Manager position. I live in the Bahamas. In thoughts on how much longer it will take.
  11. Hey guys! my agent applied for LMIA recently and my employer got a letter from service Canada dated may 22nd for the file acceptance,does anyone know when my employer can expect an interview call or how long does the process is going to take? i called my agent and he said my file is in new brunswick for processing and I live in Alberta. My file is under NOC code 6211 any help will be truly appreciated.

  12. Which location and NOC category? Is LMIA documents prepared by immigration consultants or by your employer?. Thanks in advance
  13. Can you assist with mine as well.

    NOC 0822
    Employer filed for lmia. Card charge March 27th
  14. I live in Fort McMurray, Alberta and NOC code is 6211 under retail sales supervisor. Documentation was made by my immigration consultant and my employer is more than happy to support me. I called my consultant yesterday and he said it might take 3 weeks or so and he also mentioned that the file is with the officer for further review. I am not sure if it takes that much time as other people got the interview call and decision pretty soon.

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