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Living in Vancouver and working in Seattle?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by rrv, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Is it possible to live in Vancouver, Canada (to maintain 2 yr residency req. for PR) and working in Seattle, US?

    Can one daily commute between the 2 cities? What's the best way and how long does it take to reach Seattle from Vancouver?

    Any help on above is much appreciated!
  2. Hi

    Unlikely, since it is about 140 miles each way, and then there is the border, 30/40 minute is the norm, so about a 7 hour commute per day.
  3. Annual mileage of over 67,000 - the vehicle wont enjoy that :)
    Service and fuel costs are going to be something to think about.
  4. If you have a place to stay in both cities, you could spend the week in Seattle and go to Vancouver on the weekends. If you stay in Vancouver every weekend from Friday to Sunday, that counts as 3 days every week towards the PR residency requirements. That would be 52 weeks times 3 days = 156 days a year and in a 5 year period, you'd have 780 days in Canada. There is however the cost of keeping 2 residences.
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  5. Stay in Surrey BC to cut down traffic in Canada... lot of Canadian citizen do it on T1 visa though even PR like you and me (I m not in Seattle though) :).. you are not alone. try to find someone to do car pool..

    Also, you might want to spend what ever holidays/day off you get to Canada to cover up some missing weekend. Like I plan to spend 15 days in Sep/Dec and so on..
  6. Better yet, stay in White Rock.
  7. Yes. as near to Border as possible.. ;D
  8. Is there any one in this forum who is having both US and Canadian residency and is living in US and working in canada or vice Versa? . I mean living some where near US border along Surrey BC
  9. Seems like this post is pretty old. But still posting here. Anyone in same situation of living in Vancouver area but working in Seattle?
  10. I don't think a daily commute is do-able. If you can work part week or telework on a few days of the week, may be.
    The drive to Seattle is very long and traffic along the hwy into Seattle is usually bad. I used to commute and work daily to Bellingham. And that's do-able. But anywhere near Seattle is yet another 2 -3 hr drive depending on traffic. I used to have a Nexus card and that make crossing the boarder a lot quicker.
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  11. I intend on doing this starting Jan 2019. IN each plan below, I plan on living near White Rock (closest to the border)

    Plan A :
    Monday: Leave Canada Monday Morning, Stay Night in Seattle
    Tuesday: Travel back to Canada in the evening.
    Wednesday: Work Remote
    Thursday: Same as Monday
    Friday: Same as Tuesday

    This gives me all 7 days of residency in CA in a week.

    Plan B:
    Monday: Leave Canada Monday Morning, Stay Night in Seattle
    Tuesday: Stay in Seattle
    Wednesday: Stay in Seattle
    Thursday: Travel back to Canada in the evening.
    Friday: Work Remote

    This gives me all 5 days of residency in CA in a week.

    Plan C: Combination of Plan A and B, with daily commute if need be.
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  12. Hi sumit8383 et all,
    Any idea what would be the tax implications of your PlanA or PlanB, both for Canada and USA? I mean in terms of where do you pay what tax?
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  13. You would have to file a US tax return and a Canadian tax return as you are living in Canada more than 183 days/year.
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  14. Hi, sorry seeing these replies after long time. I have been doing mix of these commutes and so far so good. Still scared while crossing border every time. Let me know your experience at the border. Also when are you going to be eligible for citizenship?
  15. Paying tax is pain. So far all
    Savings is going to pay pending tax in canada. I m not sure how you guys are managing. But please share if any known tax consultant in Vancouver area.

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