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Life in Alberta

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by afnan.bashir, May 29, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I got admission in University of Alberta. However most people are saying I would commit biggest mistake of my life by moving to Alberta. They say life is way to much tough and i would not be able to survive it. Me and my wife would be coming this sep. She is Mphill Biotechnology and I am Mphill Computer science.

    Question is do you suggest that I should take this step? if not why?
  2. I lives in Alberta for 3 years with my family, everything was good and we enjoyed to live here,
    There are few reasons why I like Alberta. For example, there is no provincial tax, the housing prices are not so expensive as in cities like Vancouver or Toronto.

    Most important, most provinces require new residents to undergo a waiting period before receiving health coverage. For most provinces, this period is three months, but you can get health care as soon as you arrive in Alberta.

    Please see the link below,

    Hope this help
  3. Those people who say that Alberta is too tough have never actually lived there. Don't listen to them. Go and try for yourself. I am sure you will be fine.
  4. Couldn't agree more! Take your chance!!
  5. Alberta is a great place to live, and Edmonton is a good city -- small enough to live in easily, large enough to have everything you need. U of A is a great university. The winters are long and cold -- but all Canadian winters are long and cold, except at the tip of BC. Ignore the weather and come here, there are a lot of opportunities in Alberta (though the job market is lousy right now).
  6. I've been living here in St. Alberta, Alberta for 7 years already. St. Albert is like 15 minutes from Edmonton. It is nice to live in Alberta. Aside from friendly people, the healthcare of Alberta is the best compared to other provinces. U of A is a good University. Yes, it's cold in Winter time in here but you can survive
  7. Gives much hope. What is Job Situations there? I am IT Programmer Guy and my wife is Biotechnology graduate
  8. Alberta is good place to live in Canada. Winter is severe but that can be managed. Now job market is dull due to low oil price.
  9. I need some 2700 CAD to make my living and fee if i divide per month. While studying do you think its a do able bet?
  10. Possible if you get a good job there.
  11. I would only be allowed to work 20 hours though. But ready for tough routine
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    You will be treated as Third class citizen I am here since 10 years you will loose your money if buy house. There are ten thousands way system will steal your money, System will make sure you don't get job in which have experience and qualification, after struggling for years you will end up loosing your health and to become driver this is exactly Leadership wants you to do..
    I have thousands rejections, Merit process doesnt exist in Alberta. No Emp,oyer will consider you are qualified or experienced and on top if you start from scratch ... and then Ragging , Bullying , Harassment at your work place and you will end making a balance of life work and survival, there different non profits to camouflage all this and will only extend their shoulders to Cry On. No NGO will help you to get a job in your field and Racism is Unofficially Official here.. Good Luck
  13. Sorry for what you have experinced. To a point you have to open up a 3 years old discussion to vent.
    Good luck.

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