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Life after Golden Email (PPR request)

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by movais, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Hello guys,

    I recently got my PPR email. Now i have few questions, if anybody can help me with that.

    1. I recently moved, i still have access to my old place until mid of February. Do i need to notify IRCC or can i just write my updated address on the Annex they ask you to fill in the PPR email. Will this create an issue?
    2. Can we call to book an appointment as of today? I mean before get the passport back.
    3. Stupid question but the 2 photos they required, it is the same type of photos we submitted for PR application? or the requirements are different?
    4. If i am doing landing, do i need a US visa to go to the border? I currently do not have US visa and was wondering if i go to the US - Canada border, will it be a problem?
    Thank you for your help!
    For anybody wondering.

    AOR August 15
    Med passed Sept 3rd
    Criminality Passed Nov 29th
    Security Passed Jan 29
    PPR email Jan 31st.
    I got total 4 ghost updates in the process lol

  2. 1. Submit your passport with the latest address and simultaneously update your new address through IRCC webform.
    2. NOT SURE. Sorry :)
    3. I got different photos clicked for this, I went to shoppers drugmart and told them I need photo for PR. These ones are slightly bigger than the usual ones. And I didn't get any photo rejections
    4. If you are talking about flagpoling, you do not need US visa. :)

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  3. Just to clarify, if you book an appointment for landing, you do not need to go to the border. It's one or the other, not both. Landing at the border is usually faster if you live close to a border crossing, but not everyone does...
  4. yes, one or the other. Landing at the border is faster because you can go any day you want, but for those of us with no US visa, it's not much of a choice hahaha we have to book an interview haha
  5. Haha, you do not need a US visa to "flagpole" and land at a border crossing...
  6. Oh no! I did flagpole successfully without US visa.

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  7. you know when you apply for a visa they ask "have you ever been denied entry to a country?". I don't know if flag-poling will classify as that, so I'd rather not risk it. I'll try to book an interview.
    Plus, I don't live that close to the border anyway
  8. Free to do as you choose : ) But no, you are issued an administrative refusal on the other side, and it does not count as a denial of entry (because you are not asking to enter).
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  9. You cannot go any day you want, some borders have designated days for processing landing. It was implemented last year or something.
  10. For 2:
    You have to wait for your COPR to make appointment if you want to do landing at an office. If you call the number they’ll tell you to email them and to include a lot of info such as your COPR’s expiry date.
  11. Hi, not sure if this has been covered but I couldn’t find out any information (please redirect me if there is already a thread regarding this).

    I received my CPCO final request email and need to send my documents back to Ottawa. Part of the email states:

    “If your documents are being returned to a mailing address in the U.S.A, please submit a self-addressed shipping label along with its commercial invoice and a returning envelope from FedEx, UPS or Purolator.”

    I am currently residing in Florida and have been to all three courier’s listed in the email (UPS, FedEx and Purolator) who have all told me that they cannot issue a shipping label with return envelope for any where out side of the USA and this is only for national use, by international.

    I’ve called CIC who said they couldn’t help me and advised me to e-mail Ottawa which I have done and am waiting to hear back.

    Anyone have any experience with this??


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