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Letting Agents in Canada

Discussion in 'Housing' started by DRUSILLA, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    We are moving to Vancouver at the beginning of May. We are planning on spending our first month at a property booked through AirBnB. During that month we would like to find a more permanent living solution. My questions are:
    1. Is 1 month a long enough period to find and be able to move into a 1 bedroom flat in central Vancouver or should we book more than 1 month through airbnb?
    2. Is $2000 ok budget for a one bedroom flat?
    3. How are references checked? We are moving from the UK. Are they going to contact our landlords here?
    4. Once we view a flat and are interested in renting it, what's the likeliness of actually being successful in getting that place? I mean if somebody applies for it before us, are they more likely to get it just because they were first? Does the likelihood depend on income, for example?

    Many Thanks for you help.
  2. 4) Since some properties are foreign-owned, they might want to check your tax residency too.
  3. 1. Maybe. No one can really give you answer to that.

    2. Maybe. Depends on the area of Vancouver.

    3. Up to the landlord.

    4. Also up to the landlord.
  4. The rental vacancy rate is very low in central Vancouver, renting a room within one month can be difficult, coming from outside Canada will make it downright impossible. I would suggest you book at least two months at the AirBnB. You would have better luck if you rent a little further out, try Burnaby or New Westminster. Landlord will defiantly check your references and credit history.

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