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Let’s share our timeline here 2018 Draw #43 mpnp

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by HerbLaramercado, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. EOI DRAW #43

    Mpnp Timeline
    October 27, 2017- Employer Direct
    March 3, 2018- IELTS
    April 7, 2018- Invitation to Apply for EOI
    April 14, 2018- Letter of Advice to Apply(LAA)
    May 2, 2018- Job Offer
    June 6, 2018- MPNP Full Application submitted
    June 7, 2018- MPNP File # Received
    June 13, 2018- Assessment in Process
    July 13, 2018- Assessment in Process

  2. Was it Assessment Pending on June 13, or In Process?
  3. Were you and your Sponsor already interviewed?
    Kindly let us know.
  4. it’s the same. June 13-july13 still on Assessment in Process
  5. No interview yet on our side. But i dont know if thwy interview my employer in CA.
  6. Are you waiting for tour application too?
  7. Yes, my Nephew's status has just changed to Assessment Pending, so i was wondering, when or at which stage will they call for interview, because i am his sponsor.
    Is it at this stage (Assessment Pending) or Assessment In Process?
  8. After 5 days from receiving the file number, I got “assessment in process already.
    1st status: Received
    2nd status: Assessment in process
  9. And i think, not all applicants are subject for interview?

  10. So no Pending for you?
  11. Yes no pending.
  12. June 13, 2018- assessment in process
    July 27, 2018- Assessment Complete

    Waiting fot the next step :)
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  13. By employer direct, do you mean the employer directly submitted your papers to mpnp? And how long does it take to probably receive an invitation to apply for eoi? Is it 6months or did it took you long due to your ielts? Thanks
  14. It was the IELTS fault hehe. It was so hard to schedule an exam with IeLTs. That’s why it took almost 5months
  15. You will receive an jnvitation to apply after you fill up EOI(expression of interest)

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