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Less than 730 days want to enter canada for study

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by jayshree78, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. HI
    This is Jayshree. I had received my PR in June 2016 and is valid till June 2021. I stayed for 15 days and went back to my place of residence. Now i know that i will not be fulfulling the 730 days criteria. But i want to enter Canada to pursue my further education(am 36 years old). Will they allow me
  2. Entirely up to the CBSA officer at the POE if he decides to report you or not. You’ll definitely be allowed to enter as a PR, but if reported, pending reviews and appeals, you may loose that status while you are in Canada.
  3. Wont resuming my studies be an intent to stay long in canada. Can i enter through US
  4. Has nothing about you intending to stay now. It has to do with the fact that you didn’t meet your RO which is already quite lenient. Would also mention you need to be compliant with your RO to sponsor a spouse or children just in case you got married.
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  5. Since you have a valid PR card, you can enter at any point of entry. Chances of being reported are equal regardless of which route you choose. It’s a game of chance at this point.
  6. I will appreciate senior members comment and correction in my opinion.

    My opinion is be here in canada asap. Still you have PR valid till 2021 June. Assuming you can be here before Dec 2019. Stay here till December 2021 and then apply for renewal of PR.

    Its seems to be similar of my own case. I landed here with 1.5 years remaining on PR card. And will be here in canada for 7 months with expired PR card. Then after completion of 2 years i will apply for PR card.
    I was not asked at airport single question for RO at time of landing in 2018.

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