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Leaving Canada with our PR card recently become PR thru Inland spousal Applicant


Mar 11, 2018
Hello fellow members need input
Recently become PR thru inland received ECOPR Thru online
Need to travel with out waiting PR card to receive
Hold US Citizenship and valid US Passport should it be a problem when I get back to Canada with out PR card by air not directly from USA
As of Aug 09 Us citizen allowed to travel to Canada if fully vaccined

what you guys think should it be a problem for Airline to issue boarding

spouse and kids are Canadian


Hero Member
Feb 5, 2020
Vancouver, BC
Your eCoPR means you are a Canadian Permanent Resident - even if you don't have your card yet, so crossing into Canada at land borders and even at airports shouldn't be a problem with proper ID (i.e. your US passport). Being able to board a plane to fly to Canada could be a problem, as the airlines don't recognize an eCoPR document - though, as you point out, the pandemic rules are easing, so they may just wave you through. Most likely you'll not have an issue getting back to Canada without your PR card, but you might want to consider returning to a US airport close to the Canadian border and driving (or walking) across. CBSA should have no issue letting you into the country with proper ID.