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Leaving Canada before having PR Card

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by greenboymx, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. My PR application was approved and I'm landing in Toronto on December 26. However, it's quite probable that I might need to visit my home country before having my PR card in my hands. I'm Mexican, so I'm visa-exempt, does that mean that I could travel to Mexico and go back to Canada without a problem, even if I still don't have my PR card? Or could I get into trouble?
  2. You need to either apply for PRTD in Mexico before you come back, or arrange to have your PR card sent to Mexico. You won't be able to board an airplane back to Canada without either PRTD or PR card.
    Another alternative is to travel to the US and come back to Canada on land in a private vehicle
  3. Despite not requiring a visa to enter the country?

    How come I need to apply a permit to enter by plane but not to enter in a private vehicle? help me understand the logic, please :confused:
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    You won't be able to get an eTA as a PR. You need either PRTD or PR card. These are required to travel via public transport. Without either of these you can't get on the plane.
    A private vehicle you can drive straight to the border yourself on land where CBSA can verify your identity and let you in. Just need to show them your passport and CoPR
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  5. Oh, boy! Any idea of how long is the processing time?
  6. PR card takes a few weeks to a month approximately
    PRTD you'll have to check with the embassy/visa center in Mexico. It could take a few weeks too.
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