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Late Visa defer for next year

Discussion in 'International Students' started by danishmalik, Aug 22, 2019.

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    Hi All,

    I got admission for Jan 2019 intake .But I didn't get the study visa on time so college offered me defer for next year Jan 2020 intake, I already got new LOA for jan 2020, So I accepted that deferral.I plan for fly to Canada in Oct 2019 . So I worry about Is it any problem that I will fly after 6 month of getting visa?

    Got My Visa on 26 feb 2019
    First LOA was for Jan 2019
    Current/updated LOA is for Jan 2020 (As this course is only offered once a year)

  2. Did you inform CIC about your deferral? Is your study permit granted for jan 2019 or jan 2020?
  3. Hi Arjun, No, i did not informed CIC about my deferral, Should i, If yes then how?, I only have Study Visa not Study permit, It is valid till 30 April 2020.
    They will issue study permit once i enter Canada.

  4. As per someone whom went through a situation similar to yours, you can request a study visa extension and study permt at the port of entry showing your deferral letter.
  5. Yes you should have updated your study plans so you were not recognized as a no show. October is also quite early for a January start date. You may run into concerns about why you are arriving so early and whether you have the extra funds to support yourself for 2 months on top of your living expenses during school. Students have been sent home if there is concerns that students are going to start working before they start studying full-time.
  6. Hi , Thanks for reply, How can i update CIC now, If October is too early will November be ok, My brother lives in Canada so he will be covering my all expenses.

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