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Landing Question

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Calig1rl, Oct 27, 2019.

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    Hi! My husband and I will finally be moving to Canada soon! I just need to clarify a few things so we can prepare accordingly! I will be doing my pr landing by car, entering from Seattle. My husband, who is a Canadian citizen, will be with me during my landing. He will also be a returning resident. We will be shipping our boxes of personal goods a few days or maybe a week before we leave. Do we need to have separate B4 forms for goods to follow and goods accompanying for each of us or could one of us just declare everything? Should I declare it since I will be doing the landing, anyway? Sorry, just really confused and want to make sure we do everything right! TIA!
  2. It can be done per family if that is what you mean to ask.
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  3. Up to you, you could do separate forms, but if you are all landing and doing the GTA and GTF forms at the same time, you may as well put them under one name. Was in a similar situation and did separate goods accompanying forms (which CBSA were not interested in) and did one goods to follow form in my wifes name (she was the PA). It all worked fine for us.
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