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LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Thanks Qorax, you are amazing at replies to our questions. Have some more for you.

    1. Do I being the sponsor, have to land in Toronto POE the same time as my spouse or can I fly in a week later?
    2. I am still trying to find a job in Canada but might end up coming back to US after 3-4 weeks of staying in
    Canada since I am not sure if I will get employed there. I still have a job in US and with wife being pregnant and expecting in June, with no baby delivery coverage(unless get third party coverage) since we are planning on landing in end of March, I might have her deliver the baby in US. I understand process gets lengthy for baby becoming canadian, which i dont mind. We cant land by Dec 2012 but if we land after baby is born we have to apply for the newborn which is a lengthy process. I
    Whats your opinion on this?
    3. We plan on landing for a week , driving to detroit for a wedding for 4 days and returning through land border by car and then staying in toronto for 2-3 weeks, with plans on flying back from Toronto after a couple of weeks back to US for her to "Accompany" me in US if i dont find anyjob that quick in Toronto. I would be lucky and hopeful if i did. Please give your suggestion on the timings and situation.
    4. Since I am a returning resident (currently Canadian and US citizen with non-residency) status, is there a possibility I will be questioned upon my return to canada, for example did you quit your job in US, do you have any job interviews in Canada, etc by the Immigration officer?
  2. You don't have to accompany your wife when she lands. If she is asked, she says you are tying up loose ends and will arrive a week later.

    Since you are Canadian and pass on citizenship to your children, it is not a big deal if the baby is born in Canada or not. Sure it is a lengthy process to get the citizenship card for the baby but you do not have to stay in the US and wait for this. If you apply through the Canadian embassy, you can apply for a temporary Canadian passport for the baby so it can travel. Another option would be to get the baby a US passport for travel and bring it with you to Canada on visitor status and apply for the citizenship card from the inside.

    I don't see a problem.

    I much doubt it. As a dual citizen, you are allowed to live in either country. As a citizen sponsor of a spouse from overseas, I assume you had to show plans to move to Canada when she would get her PR. If anything, she might be asked about that when she lands but you are not coming until a week later. If you are asked, you can say that you are coming to look for jobs while you may still keep your job in the US for a while until you find one in Canada.
  3. Thanks for the helpful information.

    1. What would be the "ideal" number of weeks my wife should stay in canada before she decided she should go back to US for US delivery. What i mean by this is , when she returns after a couple of months after baby is born in US, I didnt want her to have issues with OHIP 3 month wait still being uneligible, not sure if they prorate the time or clock starts again.
    2. I understand there is child tax benefits which have certain requirements as well which I am not sure on details.
    3. Overall wanted to avoid an immigration officer asking next time she returned to canada that she stayed for two weeks compared to if we plan her to stay over a month. Not sure if it makes a difference.
  5. hi quorex

    In most of your post regarding Form B4 u have mentioned - 2 copies of form B4 for each GFL and GAL

    my question is that Form B4 is required separate for GAL and GFL. i.e. 2 B4 form-1 for GFL & 1 for GAL(Excel Sheet of 8 cat. also differently listed out for GFL and GAL is it right?)

    Will custom office will stamp on form B4 only OR on all supporting papers like 8 nos.- excel sheet-list and pic. of jewellery?


    As i understand from one post that only one B4 form fill up for GAL & GFL and the grand total of GAL and GFL carry out.and the list on excel sheet also not required.

    Please reply asap. as i am going to finalize the B4 form as i am landing der on 17th feb 12.

    thanks in advance
  6. U need to prepare 2 sets of each B4 form...
    -2 x GTF list & its enclosures; AND
    -2 x GAL & its enclosures.

    The BSO@POE will stamp all the 4 B4 forms & their enclosures [incl the pictures of jewelleries]; and hand-over 1 x set each to u, for future reference while bringing-in those [listed] goods.

  7. hello Qorax,

    How ru?
    I am from Delhi
    I got my PR & planning to leave on 20 Feb to Toronto. Regarding PROOF OF FUNDS I have applied to open an A/C in Nova Scotia Bank (Canada) from there New Delhi Head Office & they have told me after opening an A/C they will allow single transfer of money of whichever amount & then they will issue a letter or statement stating balance in my A/C, they have also told me that's it's a valid proof for FUNDS during landing procedure...

    Please suggest if this is considered valid... Your suggestion please..

    Thank you
  8. Yep... that's perfectly alright.
  9. Thank you Qorax...

    God bless
  10. Question regarding landing for my pregnant wife. She is due for a baby in June and I am contemplating if I should have her deliver the baby here in TX and then send her. She can land until Dec 2012, but i am not sure if I would need to notify buffalo office regarding a new baby is born and accompanying her. I am trying to avoid paying another $1000 for application of new baby and waiting for that to turn around. My thinking is if she has baby in tx in June, I immediately apply for Birth certificate which takes a couple of weeks and then immediately apply for US passport so the baby can travel at the earliest Sept perhaps. The only thing is the newborn baby will have a US passport and is not a canadian citizen or on the landing papers. My other two kids are canadian citizens and am thinkinng I should immediately apply for canadian citizenship after I receive the birth certificate. Last time i did this process, it took over 6 months to get the citizenship card in the mail which throws me outside latest landing window of dec 2012. Please advise if baby is born in US if we can just bring the baby to canada with US citizenship status. I can then just apply myself for newborns canadian citizenship through decent path.
  11. Also I just realized after reading some posts on here, that when i submitted my passport end of nov, the passport request form had a statement saying if applicant is pregnant to not submit the passport. I totally missed that and now for sure need to send them an email regarding wife is pregnant so they are informed. I am worried they might cancel the landing date now, i didnt get passport visa stamped since they dont do that anymore. I am a canadian citizen so trying to figure this out. Please also comment on this.
  12. To make it clear passport request form states:
    do not submit your passports at this time if you intend to give birth to or adopt a child prior to your landing in canada. (If you are expecting a child and are able to land in Canada before the child is born, you should do so. Failure to land before additional dependents are born will result in the need for a new application and new fees for all family members).

    This is what confused me and in a mad rush i sent the passport in. This also answers my question regarding the fact that i have to land before baby is due for sure. What is my next steps since i havent advised CIC yet and how to carefully handle this?
  13. This quote above is for people applying for PR but your baby will inherit your citizenship and so it does not really matter in your case.

    If your wife lands before the baby is born, no issue. If she lands after the baby is born, she can take with her a new copy of the additional family information form where the new baby is included and tell them when she lands that she has a new baby which is however a Canadian citizen and therefore not included in her PR application.

    To verify the citizenship of your baby, you can apply for a citizenship card and ask for it to be expedited because you are moving to Canada very soon. After having applied for the citizenship card, you can ask the embassy to issue a temporary passport for the baby so it can travel with you to Canada.
  14. hello friends

    I would like to know about apprenticeship programmes in ontario, I read somewhere that the applicant to this programme has to look for an employer before applying. Is there any agency or body in canada that can help me in getting an employer so that I could become eligible for this program.

    I want to know details of this program as my knowledge on it is very very limited.

    hope any one here has proper information on it. :)

  15. AFIK there's no apprentice pgme for overseas applicants or newcomers. They usually r designed for Canadian univ. students. U may be misinterpreting it with "Co-Op"... pls read my thread on it.


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