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Landed .... (used AVR to return back to US)

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by crazysun, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    I am very happy to share the news that I have landed successfully in Canada. Landed by road through Alexander-bay border.
    the process was very simple and took hardly 15min. The visa officer was so nice and responded well.

    As I have no valid visa in my passport used Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR) to return back to US. no issues at US port of entry, they verified all the documents especially my valid i797, it took around 30min to verify.

    thanks to all who co-operated and answered my questions.

  2. Hi

    What all documents are required for Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR) I am currently on H1 and my visa expires in FEB next year and planning to go to Canada in Nov..
  3. Hi rp_tp,

    Could you also give us some details on the AVR process you went through while returning back to US?
  4. was pretty easy need your visa docs and last 3 pay stubs that's it
  5. But my visa is expired last year, only have valid 797.
  6. I used ARV to get back to US last Saturday. No trouble . I did via air , flew from Calgary to New York. Did the US pre-clearance in Calgary airport( shown my expired visa,I20 -for student, i94 ). No further documents asked, they asked how long I gonna be in the States and that is it. Took me about 15 mins
  7. Thank u for the useful info, much appreciated!
  8. ssg_86,

    I am also planning for the same,

    While travelling back to USA, what documents should I show them before boarding/after Landing?

    I am little concerned since I don't know if they know about AVR rule and denied entry to US.
  9. Hello Everyone!

    I received my COPR which is valid until June 2018. I am in the US currently with an expired F1 visa but an active student with Day 1 CPT. I would like to avail Automatic Revalidation and visit Canada in March 2018, finish my landing and return to US in a day or two. I want to apply for my H1 this April 2018 and would like to remain in the US for the next three years if all goes well and receive my H1.

    Would Automatic Revalidation a safe and straightforward process? Or is it risky? The very thought of returning with an expired visa is worrying me!

  10. I am in the same situation. Planning to go next week or the week after that. Planning to come back on AVR. Expired F-1 visa with second masters's with Day1 CPT. Do you have any more information?
  11. Just curious to know what happened in your case. Could you please share your experience, assuming you've used ARV to re-enter?
  12. Everything went smoothly in my case.You only need a valid I-20 with travel signatures to reenter via Automatic Revalidation
  13. Hi, can i use AVR even with unexpired F1 visa, i am also on 1st day CPT...
  14. You can only use AVR with an expired visa, so it is perfectly useful for your expired F1 visa. I heard from at least three people that they had successfully used AVR to re-enter on an expired F1, with Day1 CPT from a different university. I'm also in the same boat, will have to do my landing some time this summer as my CoPR will be expiring in Oct19
  15. Thank you for the reply...my Visa is still not expired...it is valid until August this year. Can I still use AVR if I want to do soft landing, let's say, in March?

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