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Landed in Ontario, Need Health Card of Alberta for Baby Delivery

Discussion in 'Health' started by nomanahmed, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. hello folks,

    my family, including me as principal applicant, landed in Toronto last year in Setp. 2017 and returned to home-country after few weeks. We got our PR cards in Jan 2018. Now my wife is pregnant with second child and expecting delivery in May 2019. We have not moved to Canada permanently yet and intend to do so in 2019. Understandably, we will prefer to have the baby delivered in Canada. Long term, we intend to settle in Calgary, Alberta.

    When we landed in Toronto, we did not apply for the Ontario Health Card. For the delivery of the 2nd child in 2019, we intend to immediately apply for and obtain health card of Alberta, while being outside Canada for now.

    Please help clarify the process we will follow going forward keeping the above facts in view.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards,

  2. You apply for AHCIP as normal when you get to Canada.
  3. It's good that you didn't apply for OHIP, as you didn't meet the minimum requirements for eligibility.
    You won't be able to apply any Health Card until you return to Canada and meet whatever residence requirements are involved.

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