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'Landed' in Nova Scotia - 3 months update.

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by AlieninVancouver, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Greetings fellow aliens

    About a year ago when I was planning my move, I kept finding many stories of disappointment from people that had moved to Canada. It especially came down to not being able to find work. Then someone in one of the threads said that most of the people that post either had really good experiences or really bad experiences, the ones with fairly average experiences simply settle in and get on with the business of living.

    I thought it was important that I come back and leave some feedback. One, because this forum was and continues to be so important for me on this journey. Two, it is important especially for those still on the fence to get as many views as possible to help them make an advised decision. In the end of course, everyone's experience is unique.

    Here is a brief of my experience.
    I arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia on 16th April 2018. Today marks 3 months since that landing. I live in Halifax now. I would describe my experience as being normal. Nothing remarkable. I had taken the SOPA pre-arrival course for BC before I landed which was great. Even though I ended up in a different province, the learnings were transferrable. My resume was ready to go, the day I arrived. I also printed business cards at my local UPS (terrible print quality) that first week so I would have something to leave with people when I met them.

    I signed up to Indeed and sent out a few targeted resumes. Within the first month I attended 3 interviews, received 2 offers and accepted one. Only one of those interviews was from an Indeed applications, the others were as a result or networking and professional organisations such as Halifax Partnership Connector Program and of course ISANS. During week 6 or 7, I was invited to interview for another role thanks to one of those organisations (they send your resume to interested/registered local companies ) I then got an offer following 3 stages of interviews. Since it was a more professional role. I turned down the initial offer I had accepted.

    The role is below the pay level I had in my previous country but it got my foot in the door and I continue to apply for roles that catch my interest and match my skills.

    Today, 90 days since I arrived, I received my PR card. I have been staring at it all afternoon. It's a good feeling, but it's also a normal feeling. There is no magic dust, not that I expected any. Once you arrive, you soon fall into the normal rituals of life. Commuting, grocery shopping, bills, chatting about the weather, watering your tiny summer garden and that becomes your new normal. It's life, just thousands of miles away from the place you once called home.

    - PK.

    Questions welcome. My blog is https://alieninvancouver.blog/
  2. Good experience, AlienInVANCOUVER ... living in HALIFAX!
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  3. Thanks for sharing & Best of Luck.

    What is your background ? Education & Experience ?
  4. Thanks for posting your experience and congratulations on your job and PR!
    My husband and I will be moving to Nova Scotia soon - I am Canadian, he is British.
    This is the first time I've ever heard about Halifax Partnership Connector Program and ISANS so I'll be looking them up now.

    Good luck with finding your ideal role :)
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  5. hahahaha, yeah, plans changed. Vancouver was my original destination but I changed my mind a couple of months before the big move
  6. My background is design, Advertising and Marketing. I have about 10 years of experience, 5 in design and advertising and the last in Marketing and Brand Strategy development. Education is a BA from Uganda and an MA from the UK.
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  7. Thanks :)

    Halifax Partnership is really great. Their mandate is to make sure that good talent is retained and developed in Nova Scotia. They set up the connector program especially to support qualified new grads, Newcomers from other parts of Canada and immigrants. They then set you up with an industry professional who is asked to introduce you to 3 other professionals and so on and so forth. It's brilliant.
    ISANS has good programs though you have to insist on getting value. They also arrange 6 week 'work practise' which is an unpaid work placement. great for people looking for the Canadian Experience. (That being said, there wasn't a single interview I attended where I was asked if I had Canadian Experience.) They also assign an Employment Specialist and from time to time they have major companies come in for Onsite recruitment interview sessions.

    Nova Scotia is beautiful and there so many great places to see just a short drive out of Halifax. I hope you and your husband will love it here.
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  8. Thanks for the reply.

    Good Luck !
  9. Hi @AlieninVancouver, glad to hear about your good experience in Halifax. I was wondering if we are going to get the Health Card as soon as we land? tell us about when and how you got this. I heard it takes time to get the health card, but if we have the rental lease copy than we can get it sooner, is it true?
  10. Yes you usually need a proof of address. Actually makes sense to secure a lease and then apply for health card because it has your address on it. I would imagine getting SIN and finding permanent housing will be the first things you will need to do anyways. The website will provide you with the list of required documents to get a health card.
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  11. Hi like @canuck78 said, it is effective from the date of landing in Nova Scotia but they need to see a rental agreement or a lease copy to prove that you intend to stay in the province. If you have that proof, you can get your card the same day.

    Best of luck with your move. :)
  12. Thanks for the update, and glad to hear all is going well. I agree, the experience in Canada all boils down to whether one can secure a job or not. It doesn't matter what country you settle down in, if you have many years of work experience in a field, only to end up having to take a fastfood job, the experience is always going to be negative.

    What field are you working in? How much experience in this field do you have? I heard Halifax can be a bit rough for graduates in their 20s as they have a major university (so a lot of competition on the labour market) but most business is located in Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa - I don't know how much of this is true though. Would you say Halifax is suited only for a certain type of immigrant? Here in Vancouver there's jobs everywhere and I have not heard many stories of people unable to secure one (pay is poor though).
  13. Would agree that the major economic hub is Toronto but there is a lot to be said for all the mid-sized cities. Vancouver is an outlier because of cost of living. You may actually have a better life in a city other than Toronto. Still hard for new Canadian graduates to get a good job in Toronto. Would be better to slow the immigration to Toronto and resettle people in various cities. People seem to be determined to live in Toronto and not consider other cities.
  14. Hi All,

    Can you pls tell me how we can show funds at Halifax Airport on Landing for first time. Do we need to open a bank account in Halifax and do a wired transfer before we land. Or there is any other way of showing the funds at the airport without opening bank account.

    @AlieninVancouver @canuck78
  15. Bank statement (best), show online banking, ATM balance at the airport, etc. The funds don't have to be in Canadian dollars.

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