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Kyiv Visa Office,FSW Applicants let's connect here!!!

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Europe' started by Tayyabak, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Is this question addressed to me? If yes, I am not on tracker.
  2. Yes it waz.. I am the only one who is in process in Kiev tracker. Rest of them got PPR
  3. Be rest assured you will get your PPR and so will I. Like I said, I am not on immitracker and I reckon there are more people not on it that there are, you are not the only one left. Our wait will be over pretty soon.
  4. LOL at grandpa!
  5. Guys post any update as soon as you get any
  6. Still waiting! You?
  7. nothing not a single sign from KYIV
  8. This is something! They didn't respond to my last mail and CSE. Very worrisiome.
  9. :(

  10. This is my first time on this page. Got here in a bid to calm my nerves, having just requested for my second GCMS notes. April AOR here and security, eligibility and criminality checks had not commenced as at November (Ralph said). They (Kyiv) do take their sweet time.
  11. Hang in there PPR is coming for all by the Grace of ALMIGHTY..
  12. I check this thread at-least 5 times a day if anyone have any update. People don't update their stuff on immitracker. So as per tracker only 1 guy is in the queue but at the same time he applied in Nov.

    There must be many people like you me and deposit who are in the queue at KVO. Good luck to everyone.
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  13. Hi everyone, I am new here. My VO is Kyiv as well and my AOR is March 24 2018. Apart from the ADR for updated financial document they request for in October. I haven't heard from them.
  14. Hi what was the date of adr in oc

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