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Kyiv Visa Office,FSW Applicants let's connect here!!!

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Europe' started by Tayyabak, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. What's your AOR ? And when your file got transferred there?
  2. file was transferred 2nd of August, but i have been sending mails to them about the definition of ''original reception date''. They reluctantly responded today that it is your inital AOR. But they have not touched our files since it was moved from London.
  3. This is depressing, did you order GCMS Notes to make sure you're not in SS ? I'm about to receive my first set.
  4. infact i just got my second note, not in ss. security not even started.
  5. Guys!!! Any progress?
  6. Nothing, i'm thinking of sending them a mail and giving them a piece of my mind. its really frustrating.
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  7. What's the status of your eligibility?
  8. Eligibilty - Review Required (Proof of funds)
    Security - Not started
    Bchk- Not started.
    Medical passed. April 4th
    Aor - March 28th

    The annoying part is that i have sent them an updated POF which is even double the required amount, payslips and bank statements.
  9. This is just insane the way they never go back & check some files and leave them to collect dust. IRCC need to increase its human resource given now they are inviting more than 10,000 applicants in a month & early applications are facing severe backlogs.
  10. The more reason you have to bombard them with mails and cse's all the time.
  11. Saw a guy on immitracker just got ppr from kyiv, he is from nigeria.....3rd ppr frm kyiv this month that i know of, good news
  12. Yeah and everybody who got it was near or already crossed 6 months time limit.
  13. Here! Any update guys?

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