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***KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)***

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by rcspousalsponsorship, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. I don't understand everything of my husband is finished and not one word from kvo, what's going on. I would love my husband to be up here for Christmas,but the way things are going I don't know. Its getting stressful, and depressing. Ahhhhh. On my gckey it says bgc in process for months now and estimating time 4 months. Everyone is say I should get it by 8 months, don't know about that.
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  2. Feb 22 sister lol....I'm in the same boat and feeling the exact same way!
  3. I know ,sometimes you feel alone and frustrated, no one to talk to .
  4. I haven't started yet...lol You all remember when you were in my position. Your day is coming :) I'm getting married In two weeks....Then the process begins. I'll be chiming in more once I submit the application. For now I'll celebrate silently with you all.
  5. Does kvo ever called from private number
  6. I received an email from kvo today to send biometric receipt. I don't know why and I have already submit it to cic from in July and they said that they reduce it and it is sent to the responsible . Has this happen to anyone else?
  7. Not to my knowledge .What is the responsible
  8. Do you live in Toronto
  9. I
    Don't know I thought it was kvo that would be the responsible office
  10. How do i make appointment for biometrics. Was instructed to do biometrics
  11. My hubbys expired sept 24th, they didnt ask us either
  12. Hopefully our group will hear more soon. Hang in there. Its so frustrating, it can drive a person mad. This process should be way more transparent than it is. We should get monthly updates rather than hearing "wait".
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  13. Bgc doesnt usually show completed until decision made. After that, it will show a date the bgc was finished. That line you can basically ignore.
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  14. What does your time remaining say? Mine says 15 weeks now. It's changing and counting down from Wednesday to Wednesday now.

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