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***KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)***

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by rcspousalsponsorship, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone and welcome.

    ✍As of December 7, 2016 there has been a launch of a New Application Package for family sponsorship. As of February 1, 2017 only the New Application Package is accepted for sponsorship, so I found it fitting to create this thread. The new application package has thus created a new process of online access to our application and the submission of documents such as Police Clearance Certificate, Schedule A and Medical. This change has promised a shorter processing time ( up to 12months for at least 80% of applications)

    So lets be "our brothers keeper" and provide loving support during this stressful journey of reuniting with our partner and family.

    A spreadsheet would be another excellent addition to this thread

    ***Knowledge is Power*** Let's Do This!!!

    What to expect after submitting application
    1.AOR1- Acknowledgement of Receipt application (Mississauga)
    2. Linking Account- GCKEY account is created and permanent resident application is linked to GCKEY account.
    3. SA- Sponsor Approval
    4. PCC and Schedule A request in online account
    5. Medical Request in online account
    6. AOR2- Acknowledgement of Receipt of application (KVO-Kingston Visa Office)
    7. Interview and or passport request
    8. COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Resident-Visa)
  2. Re: KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)

    This is a great idea to start a new thread for the new applications and hopefully a new timeline as well.
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  3. Re: KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)

    So have GcKey been created already and permanent resident account linked already?
  4. Re: KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)

    Hi my husband linked the acct through gckey on march 29. On ecas it says ircc sent request for documents on march 30 to his email and he has yet to receive it. On april 13 he submitted schedule A form online through ircc webform but he didnt receive any email to state they received it yet. Still waiting to pcc from JA. So i think app is still in mississauga. Thats basically where are app is right now.

  5. Re: KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)

    Great that you responded within the time frame via webform. Yes, they don't usually inform you that documents were received etc. just the automated confirmation receipt. So did you guys get the request for PCC and hubby is just waiting to pick it up and submit?
    Did he sign the Schedule A he submitted?

    It appears Mississauga is now requesting Schedule A, PCC and Medical before sending file off to KVO.
  6. Re: KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)

    Hi, we didnt get a request for PCC, just waiting to pick it up. The guidelines for obtaining pcc are not clear. He has travelled to trinidad in the past on visitor visa a month here and there for a total greater than 6 months. But he has lived in JA all his life. Would he still need one from Trinidad??

    Medicals are done. Thank goodness! I have 2 accompanying children on the app as well. Schedule A he electronically signed. Im getting mixed messages from this site but havent heard back yet except for the automated msg that i submitted something through webform.
  7. Waiting for file transfer. We submitted eveything with the application. Meds, pcc n sched A. Hoping all goes well
  8. Oh awesome, it'll be interesting to see what they request of you next...Schedule A, Interview/passport. Hope it's smooth sailing from here on out for you
  9. Hey add me to your spreadsheet please.
  10. Hi ladies, I'm just in the process of finishing up an updated spreadsheet for us...

    If you can please answer these questions with dates in the meantime, then I can finish up with who we have now and post it (please reply with MM/DD/YYYY) after that, please feel free to to add, comment and make changes as necessary. I'll post it to Google Docs so that we can all access it:

    1. Application Sent
    2. Application Rec'd by CIC
    3. Stage 1 AOR Rec'd (Either letter, email or 1st line in ECAS)
    4. SA Approval
    5. Schedule A Sent with App (Yes or no)
    6. Sched A Request
    7. Sched A Sent
    8. PCC Sent with App (Yes or No)
    9. PCC Request
    10. PCC Sent
    11. Applicant Medical sent with App (Yes or NO)
    12. Applicant medical request
    13. Medicals Sent
    14. Dependents Medicals send with App? (Yes or No)
    15. Dependents Medicals Requested
    16. Dependents Medicals Sent
    17. Ecas Permanent Residence Application Status "In Process"
  11. Here is the spreadsheet... I entered what I could, so please let me know if you run into any trouble editing or imputing your data.

    There is also a 2nd Sheet "Current Stat's from 4.27.2017" which I hope is helpful, and gives us some updated stats on timelines.

  12. Anyone know how long it takes to get back your passport from Canada embassy in Kingston am doing a filing for my son?????please
  13. Re: KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)

    Hi if Schedule A was submitted via webform it needs to be signed in ink by applicant. Only if Schedule A is being submitted via GcKey account online, can it be electronically signed.
  14. Re: KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)

    Thanks for your help...I ended up mailing his schedule A form signed to CPC Mississauga yesterday. They should receive it today
  15. May a new month. What do you anticipate from IRCC/CIC??? IWe anticipate medical request Our last contact from them was April 3 another confirmation file transfer to KVO .

    Can't wait for it all just to be in their hands.

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