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Keeping US Passport or change to Canadian?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by jnt211, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    My husband and sons have just received their PR cards. They are US citizens and I am dual US/Canada. We all only have US passports. Now that we will be living in Canada do we need to obtain/travel with Canadian passports or can we continue to use our US?

  2. They aren't Canadian citizens, so of course they cannot obtain Canadian passports.

    You can immediately apply for citizenship for your sons but your husband will be required to meet the residency requirements to qualify for Canadian citizenship.
  3. You will need a Canadian passport for travel via commercial carrier to Canada (the US is the only exception). If you travel to foreign destinations, unless you travel trough the US, you’ll need a Canadian passport to return.
  4. Got it, the comment below (and others I had read) gave me the impression that has Canadian PR's they could/should get passports, but I didn't think that was possible. And for myself, is there any reason that I need to give up or switch to a Canadian passport instead if I hold dual citizenship? I always have, I just now will be residing in Canada instead of the US.
  5. Suggest you read the following:


    My husband is dual and travels with both passports. There's no need to "switch". You simply hold two valid passports.
  6. Thanks, that link was helpful, though it does seem to indicate that there is an exception for American-Canadian dual citizens indicating that it is not required to hold a Canadian passport. Is there a reason your husband travels with both?
  7. Is this accurate, though if I fly say, between Canada and Mexico that I can't do it with a US passport if I am a dual citizen living in Canada?
  8. Why is any of this an issue? If you are a Canadian citizen, just get a Canadian passport...
  9. It's not an issue-- just seeking clarification. When traveling with my husband and son (who have different citizenship status than I do) I didn't know if it would be simpler if we all traveled with passports from the same country. I also didn't know if there were issues with holding/actively using passports from two different countries simultaneously.
  10. You will always enter on a single passport but there is no issue with carrying both.
    Just enter on whichever is most convenient for you.
  11. So, to clarify... I currently live in the US (moving to Toronto in December) which makes applying for a Canadian passport challenging (because of the guarantor factor). I will be traveling between Mexico and Canada shortly after moving-- can I do this on an American passport? I can bring my Canadian Citizenship certificate for re-entry into Canada, correct?
  12. Yes, you should be able to do so. There is a tiny chance that, when boarding the aircraft, if you disclose that you are a Canadian citizen, they will want to see some proof of that. But with a US passport, it is very unlikely they will even bother asking.

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