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Just got laid off...(IEC) Young professional

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Kimchee, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Hi all,
    I meet a difficult situation now. I’m currently under IEC young professional program which I already know I only can work for the specific company, but I just got laid off, because my company has financial issues.

    Fortunately, I always have good connection with other company in the same industry. One company has willing to offer me a new offer, so I called CIC, and they told me that I can change my employer if I want to work for another company.

    I have been submit the web form, and I’m wondering if anyone has similar situation before? How long might be takes before they approve me? During that waiting time if my work experience won’t be able to calculate in CEC experience?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi

    What work experience during the waiting time? You can't work for the new employer until you have a new work permit.
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  3. Hi thanks for replying,
    Okay I know I can’t work for my new employer unless I have a new work permit.
    If my old work permit will expire in May, and a new contract is 12 months. Is that mean after I got my new work permit, I’ll only have two months?

    This is what I found on Cic website:

    Your new work permit will only be valid for the time remaining on your current IEC work permit. For example, if you request a change three months into a 12-month approved stay, your new work permit will be valid for a maximum of 9 months. The 2 work permits will count as a single participation, even if you do not use the new work permit.

    Some of my friends think it means I will get 9 months on my new work permit, but the other friends think only 3 months...
  4. If your current permit expires in May, the new one will expire in May. You don't get a longer permit.

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