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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Kate_Westlake, May 30, 2019.

  1. i got AOR on july 19 n still nothing..ed cic they said its normal
  2. hmm ok thanks so much! i tried calling but they wouldn’t give me any info until i filled out a rep form. i did that night but it hasn’t gone through yet! i guess everyone is different but everyone is so ahead on the tracker that it makes me worry
  3. the wait is unbearable at certain times. I hear ya bro!
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  4. Hi, may i know the details that they would be requiring? We would like to prepare everything on hand prior calling them.. Thank you!!!
  5. Thank you, i am bit worried because i have to renew my passport by sep5. I'm afraid i might not have my passport to present by the time they request for bio and medical and the queue for our renewal is to long and tight...
  6. Hi Fellows.
    I received Ghost email update on my Application linked when I login to see the update there's no update? Does anyone know what does that mean? I'm still waiting SA.
  7. Hi, got AOR.
    app received date: 2019-06-10
    AOR: 2019-08-14.

    Took bit more time to get aor.

  8. Congrats! Did you ever call them? Or you just waited?

  9. Hello Everyone,

    Finally, I am able to link my application and the mistakes I have did is giving all capital letters. Just followed the instruction given on main page and it worked.
    One more question, my wife gave her Biometrics yesterday and how will know it is passed. Will I get an update to email? I see a biometric number on her online application which I linked.

  10. Application recived June 18, 2019
    AOR Aug 3
    Sponsor approval Aug 13
    Biometrics requested Aug 12
    Medical requested Aug 13

    In my passport and in the application form my name is given in following format.
    Give name : AAA
    Surname ( family name) : BBB CCC DDD

    In the letter requesting me to submit biometrics I noticed that they have broken down my surname. In the letter it is in the following format
    Given name : CCC DDD AAA
    Family name : BBB

    I am not sure why they recorded it like this. I called the call center and they asked me to submit a request via webform. They also said it shouldn't be a concern while submitting biomterics and medical exam. I have submitted a request via webform.
    Has anybody faced a similar issue?
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    That's it. You should see in Biometrics part that Biometrics have been completed. And Biometrics should be valid till 08 - 14 -2029 (10 years) so you know it is passed.
  12. Congrats. Happy for you!!!
  13. FINALLY passed medical today. Did the exam on August 3rd, so it took about 12 days to process, but at least it's finally done!
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  14. One off the lucky people to get all updates. DM around the corner. Congrats
  15. If SA is approved, then can we say that no other process get denied the sponsorship and obtaining PR?

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