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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Kate_Westlake, May 30, 2019.

  1. Let me try with 2 dependents.
  2. File recieved 6 june. got aor on 26 july. After that completr silence. Is this normal?? I am worried
  3. I got my confirmation on Aug 3rd and nothing has came as well! Checked the cic website and nothing new...
  4. I tried calling using google hangout being im outside canada. 613-944-4000 and then I press 1-1-1 -2-1-1-0 to speak with someone.

    If you are within Canada you can try this 888-242-2100 then press 2-1-1-0 to speal with someone.
  5. Hi, good day!

    Would like to ask someone from june 2019 outland applicants who tried calling the IRCC trunkline for AOR?

    As per the tracking history, they already received our application last june 24 and we're still waiting for AOR?

    Anyone here in the same situation?

    Thank you!!!
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    I am a June 21 applicant. Still no AOR but I am being positive.

  7. Did you call IRCC?
  8. exact same timeline for me!!! i’m getting worried too..
  9. It's been 7 days since any file was moved to visa office as per tracker.
  10. Thank you! This is very helpful. I'll give them a call today.
  11. I have been looking at that column since 4 days as well. :(
  12. I don't know where I should ask these types of questions but according to the timeline, it seems like my wife is going to receive the biometrics request this week or next week. Unfortunately, the nearest biometrics center is a 4h30 flight away from her and it requires some planning to get there and also ticket prices are a concern, so it's possible that it'll take her maybe 4-6 weeks to get it done. Would this delay our application or do they continue the rest of the processing without the biometrics on file?
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    You will have to complete biometrics within 30 days. And how they process the application God only knows. Each and every application is treated differently, so cannot tell if they wait for Biometrics and medical results but surely, this will delay your application process timings.
  14. Hrm that's a bit tough. Alright, then
  15. i got AOR almost 3 weeks ago now and i still havent gotten SA, bio request, or medical request. i'm getting frustrated! does anyone know why this could be? i don't understand why we didnt at least get bio and medical because it's not like any research needs to be done prior to that right?

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